The Dutch masters of horror are back with their most flamboyant album so far. On ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’, CARACH ANGREN are painting musical pictures that easily combine the grandiose depth of a Rembrandt with Van Gogh's maelstrom of whirling colours and the utter madness of Bosch. This lusciously seductive danse macabre will drag you in and never let go.


Mors Principium Est is a Melodic Death Metal band, founded in Pori, Finland in 1999. The band has released 6 studio albums, the last of which, Embers of a Dying World in 2017.

“Almost progressive in the brutality with which they unfold in a deathly vortex” - Metalhammer 2017

Tuomas Saukkonen shocked everyone in 2012 with his announcement that he will bury all of his metal music projects at the same time to start anew. Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace and RoutaSielu received their coup de grâce February 23rd, 2013.

After years of pouring his creative juices to projects too numerous to count, since the end of 2012 Saukkonen has focused on just one labour of love, WOLFHEART.

Be the approach melodic and hopeful, acoustic and fragile, harsh black/death metal or atmospheric doom, 'WINTERBORN' has it all, in a mix like of which you haven't heard before.

Erciyes Fragment

An Apple Crumb Cake worthy symphonic death metal collection of treats for people who are into that sort of 'dark' stuff. Erciyes Fragment is a 6 piece, symphonic death metal band with thrash and progressive influences. With an overall positive outlook and collective sense of humor, Erciyes Fragment pushes to prove that their music speaks volumes in terms of relativity, lyrically, and creatively, musically and melodically. They look to continue, individually, progressing musically to further write music to satisfy the metal-head in any music lover's soul.

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