Nightseeker is a real life band featuring the fictional character Dean from the Fubar movies. Like Alice Cooper, Dean Murdoch is the onstage personality of Paul Spence, co-creator of Fubar and composer of music in both films. And while the films are comedies, Nightseeker is as serious about their craft as witches at a coven. There are no winks to the camera. Every song is on point, even if the lyrics are about needing to impregnate the Universal goodness with Rock to insure the propagation of human kind.

3069: A Space Sex Odyssey
As with all great concept albums, the record tells a story, with each song leading into the next culminating in an adrenaline-fueled climax. It follows the journey of our hero Dean from post apocalyptic earth, joining forces with Amazon warrior princesses, battling his own inner dragon, to finally seducing the Space Priestess who is responsible for all the carnage. Every song will be accompanied by a full colour painting, in classic “Wizard-warrior airbrushed 80’s Van” Style (see attached).

In 2000, Fubar hit the theatres and there began the epic journey towards becoming a cult classic and an integral part of the Canadian comedy landscape. In 2010 the sequel to Fubar was released, giving birth to the band Nightseeker, who composed and recorded the music for the soundtrack.

In November of 2017, the Fubar TV show will hit the airwaves across Canada and the United States, featuring Nightseeker’s current line-up. It’s funny, it’s crazy and the music is awesome, most of which is featured on the Nightseeker album. The TV show will provide an incredible launching pad for the record, and provide free and huge access to massive tv audiences.

Sparrow Blue was born on the outskirts of Edmonton Alberta by members Des Parks (Vocals), Jon Dombroski (Guitar), Liam Holm (Drums), Bernie Baksa (Guitar), Russell McCann (Percussion) and Jeff Olson (Bass) in 2015. Fueled by their old school roots of rock and roll, they stay true to a classic tone and wall of sound. Influenced by bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Mountain etc. they are quick to bring lightning to a stage with their "Badlands Blues" rock and roll. The band has been headlining/selling out every show they've played in Edmonton/Calgary and have recently released a self titled double single album feat. the songs "Touchdown Turbulence" and "Side Cash".


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