New Caracas - NYC Album Release

Right at the crossroads between South American folklore and contemporary music lies the soul of New Caracas. The New York based multi-cultural collective has dedicated its musical craft to developing a true blend of modern jazz harmonies, classical structures, rock and roll energy and Latin grooves, while having South American and Venezuelan folklore as the melodic and rhythmic anchors of the group’s musicality. Founded in 2012 within the melting pot of Boston, the group originated within the halls of Berklee College of Music with the talents Venezuelan composer-guitarist Luis D’Elias, pianist Evan Waaramaa, drummer Brendan Pajak, and bassist P.J. Duffy. The ensemble has since continued to expand in its range of musical colors and features the prowess of such artists like Marina Maiztegui on the vocals, Zac Zinger on the saxophones, and Leonor Falcón on the violin. This amalgamation of international musicians has been key to New Caracas' unique fusion of modern jazz, rock and pop idioms, and folkloric South American rhythms.

Based on Luis D’Elias’ compositions, the music is defined as a new approach to Venezuelan music, where the folklore is more than a spice added to other styles on music. Classical structures serve the purpose of Joropo storytelling, while jazz harmonies provide the backdrop for Venezuelan Merengue-themed improvisations. Pop and Rock arrangements provide a new feel to the traditional Pajarillo and Onda Nueva, crafting in this manner music that is based on the history of Venezuelan folklore, using contemporary notions as the colors and spices that paint the ensemble’s music.

In Boston, the band has had the privilege to perform in many of the trademark venues of the city, such as Ryles Jazz Club, RegattaBar, the LilyPad, Café 939 and the Berklee Performance Center. In 2013 they recorded the song Oripoto for the Jazz Revelation Records release, Catalyst, as well as performed for the current MIT president, Venezuelan Rafael Reif, at an honoring ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts. Currently, the band is based in New York as they continue to work on the follow up album to their debut, “Origenes y Destinos” which showcases a musical journey through the different styles and traditions of Venezuelan music through the point of view of contemporary jazz, rock and classical music. This album features a wide range of sonorities, orchestrations, compositions and musical genres, all under the umbrella of Venezuelan music, which lies at the core of New Caracas' music. Most recently the band has been nominated for numerous awards that honor independent music, such as The Toronto Independent Music Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the NY-based Independent Music Awards and the Pepsi Music Awards in Caracas.



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