What Cheer? Brigade

The What Cheer? Brigade is a 19-piece brass band from Providence, RI.

New York based psych-folk band. Originally started as a solo project of Shane Butler of Quilt (2).

Mr. Airplane Man is Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums. We are a mishmash of deep love for Mississppi hill country blues, Memphis weirdo rocknroll, drony VU and Stooges, and Boston (our hometown) garage beat and pop wonderment...Sympathy for the Record Industry put out 3 records of ours in the 00's. We self released an ep we recorded with Mark Sandman of Morphine in 1999 (recently re-released by Moi J'Connais records). In 2015 we are putting out a long lost record we did at Fat Possum back in 2000 that was never released. We also are starting to book US shows and a European tour. After about a 10 year break we are so excited to play music together again!!!

Anna Fox Rochinski

Anna Fox Rochinski is the lead singer from Quilt a four-piece psychedelic indie rock band from Boston.

Bong Wish


Sad music that you can dance to.

Edge Petal Burn

Boston rock band


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What Cheer? Brigade
Olden Yolk
Mr. Airplane Man
Really From fka People Like You
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Lady Pills
Edge Petal Burn
Love Strangers

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