Carissa Johnson

"Carissa Johnson takes more cues from Sleater Kinney than Evanescence, and her latest CD, For Now, is a straight-up rocker that recalls early aughts Boston bands Aloud and Damone." - the Hippo (Boston)

"Puts me in mind of the Go-Gos at a summit meeting with the Sex Pistols." - Francis Dimenno, Noise Magazine (Boston)

"Carissa Johnson's mis-steps are more fun to listen to than many people's successes, due in large part to her overwhelming enthusiasm in selling her songs"

"A whole lot of fun to watch and looking like she just stepped out of a Runaways album cover, Johnson brings a great 70's punk feel." J. Pappaconstantine, Maine Music News

"Solid arrangements with good hooks, honest delivery and a real hearken back to the beefy old school production style of the New York Dolls." - M. Puskas

Corin Ashley

Smart, lyrical pop partially recorded at Abbey Road: big hooks with sprinkles of psychedelia, power pop and acoustic instrumentation. Informed by classic artists from the 60s and 70s, but thoroughly contemporary in theme.

DYR FASER is Eric Boomhower & Amelia May

Beautiful, languid, mystical, hypnotic, exotic, dream-like, entrancing, sinuous, enchanting, seductive, relaxing, soothing, transportive, slinky, heavenly, hypnagogic, other worldly, soporific, mesmerizing, comforting, narcotic, haunting, moving, magical, reassuring.
Foreign yet familiar, sounds like it was created in a far away and beautiful land.
Pleasantly floating and drifting.
Like the best of the best drugs.
When it ends I always wish it lasted longer. ❤
I mean every word! I fucking love you guys!
If I won the lottery I would start a record label and pay good money to release this on double 12" singles, gate-fold cover, swirled-colored vinyl and fancy digi-pack compact disc.
Alas, I don't play the lottery.
Highly recommended to all music lovers.
- Terence Burke

Happy Little Clouds

Happy Little Clouds is a Boston-based indie rock band whose songs will stick with you rain or shine. The band’s unfiltered, heartfelt lyrics are layered over bluesy vocals, a vintage rock sound, and catchy melodies. On their debut album, "Shift," premiering July 9, 2016 and produced, recorded and mixed by Portland, ME legend Jonathan Wyman, Happy Little Clouds captures the emotional rollercoaster of discovering love and lust while on the journey for inner truth and that brief nostalgic moment that strikes just before everything changes forever. Hop in and join them for the ride, and don’t touch the radio dial.

Justine and the Unclean

Justine Covault: vocals and guitar
Charles Hansen: guitar
Janet Egan: bass and vocals
Jim Janota: drums

Kingdom of Love

Lonely Leesa and the Lost Cowboys

We take you to the place where love has died. Then we sit at the bar stool and we write songs about the it. Channel our inner Loretta and Lucinda.

Formed in 2012, Thrust Club is a garage dance party where everyone is invited — a kick-drum that lifts you out of your seat, crunchy guitar chords under a layer of keys that are sometimes smooth, sometimes ominous, and vocals that coo, scream, and everything in between.

Members are JC Climent (drums), Bethany Leavey (vocals), Erin Genett (keys), and Sally Bunch (guitar). All members volunteer at Girls Rock Campaign Boston, and believe in demonstrating and promoting girls and women to express themselves through music and other means.

The Very

Listen to their new EP here >>



Bob Colby has been a friend to ONCE and a fixture in the Boston music scene since the 70s, championing countless artists and venues over the years. Too soon, he'll board a one-way flight to Tucson to start his next chapter. We're gonna miss him so we’re throwing a party to wish him well.

When his favorite musicians heard about the show the bill filled in record time, a fitting tribute to local music’s #1 fan. Join us as 15 artists, duos, and bands play mini-sets in honor of Bob Colby to make this the send-off he deserves. The performers are:

Carissa Johnson & Steph Curran of the Cure-Alls
Chris Brokaw
Classic Ruins
The Corin Ashley Combo
Happy Little Clouds
Justine & the Unclean
Linda Viens
Linnea Herzog (Powerslut)
Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys
Mary Lou Lord & Annabelle Lord-Patey
Psychic Dog
Steve from Cold Expectations
Thrust Club
The Very

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