Erin Barra, Lily and the Parlour Tricks, Cold Blood Club with Blank Paper.  Hosted By Genesis Be

Erin Barra's music is a reflection not only of her vulnerability, but also
her confidence and passion.
Instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer she sits at the helm of her
creation, deftly blurring pop, soul, rock and electronica and creating
infectious songs that draw her audience in...

Lily and the Parlour Tricks

Lily and The Parlour Tricks dive deep into the well of musical Americana and resurface with a wild brew. Lily's songwriting influences range from 1940's cornerboy songs to 1960's psych-pop to 19th century murder ballads, with frequent detours into the smoky back room of classic rock n' roll. With their soaring harmonies and raucous attitude, the Tricks keep audiences dancing and coming back for more.

Cold Blood Club

old Blood Club is the band you want to play your end-of-the-world rooftop party as an asteroid burns through the atmosphere. The seven-member Manhattan troupe is apocalyptic in their revelry, fun as hell without being light. Having a blast is treated earnestly and with gravitas (sounds oxymoronic, yes, but it’ll make sense once you’ve seen them). Think of them as aggressive new wave or heavy noir pop, their sound a nocturnal affair. Shimmering synths, surging rhythms, hard-hitting percussion, shredded guitars, an evocative violin, and dueling male-female vocals compel you to dance without concern for whatever might travail you. Theirs is a world where hangovers be damned, so join them in the decadence they unfurl.

It's 4:30 am in Manhattan on a cold November night. Genesis Be, producer and rapper, is in the studio running frantically to and from the recording room to the console, recording herself. "I have about four hours left" Genesis Be states as she grins at me. "Four hours of studio time?" I ask. After finishing a sip of espresso she replies, "No, four hours until class starts."

Coming from an artist who just released a video for a single called, "No Sleep" her response does not surprise me. Dressed in a form fitting dress shirt and vest, Genesis Be looks more like a business manager rather than an aspiring rapper as she playfully slides around in the chair in front of the SSL Studio Console. She has a childlike demeanor yet speaks with such conviction and intensity that I cannot help but surrender my full attention. Sipping Starbucks in the dimly lit studio at The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, Genesis shares her story of pain, resilience, ambition and vindication.

Genesis Be has just completed her fourth studio album titled "Mississippi To Manhattan". Utilizing what she has learned at New York University's prestigious Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, Genesis took on the role of executive producer, writer, engineer, mixer and mastering engineer of the project. When asked about the difficulties of being a full time double major student and an independent performer Genesis Be says, "compared to what I've had to handle in my past, this time of my life is the easy part. It's the perfect opportunity to prove my ability and show that this isn't a game to me. This struggle is a blessing for me."

For the full story, check out the 'About Me' page on Genesis' official website :

Blank Paper

intro. verse. pre-chorus. chorus. verse. pre-chorus. chorus. bridge/break. double-chorus. out.

Familiar context, charged by electrified obscurities -
To make you dance, nod your noggin, and be caught off-guard by tingly sonic treats.

Backing tracks are passé. Autotune & Vocalign are not part of our arsenal. Blank Paper does it all live, and wants you to come witness it 🙂

$10.00 - $12.00

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