Faye Webster

Faye Webster

Faye began writing songs at age 14 with a group of creatives she met in high school. Two years later she released her debut Run & Tell LP, a collection of folk and Americana songs. Faye set out for Nashville to pursue a degree in songwriting at Belmont University but Atlanta’s creative scene pulled her right back to the city a year after leaving. Upon returning to Atlanta she developed a passion for photography and began taking photos of her friends, many of whom were burgeoning artists on Atlanta’s rap scene. Since picking up the camera Faye’s subjects have included Atlanta heavyweights D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty and Migos’ Offset. Her photos have been published in Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Faye released her self-title album in May of 2017. Billboard called Faye’s new music “Genre-defying.” She is currently in the studio working on her forthcoming release.

Christian Lee Hutson

Whoever the gallantly self-defeating 24-year-old singer/songwriter is, he's an amalgamation of a long line of Americana tradition, a packed handful of unpleasant days, and his own past musical endeavors, including 2012's EP Will Never Break Up, and his debut LP, The Hell With It.

Now, after a song-a-month release over the course of 2014 comes Hutson's second album Yeah Okay, I Know, a record championed by Americana UK's James McCurry as "...Startlingly good. Like 'year's end list' good." Yeah Okay, I Know captures twelve songs from the rapidly-evolving King of Bummercore, with all his youthful regrets, laments, and apathy worn unabashedly on his sleeve.

Hutson's search for self spills from his records onto the road in a relentless touring schedule across the States and throughout Europe, where the prolific songster's perpetually unveiling new tunes and discovering new ways to take shots at himself. Like Sean Moeller says in Paste Magazine, "He will change you. Go see him tonight."



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