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Traps PS

Volume 1 Issue 1 of the Papermade Singles Series is also the first release by tRaps Ps. Recorded by Raymond G. live during a street performance in downtown Los Angeles in March 2009, the release also contains an accompanying book. Since almost all of the band's shows had been street or guerrilla shows up to this point, this issue of the singles series is dedicated to the impromptu and adventurous attitudes of these kinds of shows. Complete with artifacts taken from the location.

100 Flowers

100 FLOWERS (previously known as THE URINALS) were a power trio whose sole 1983 album is an enduring document of the Southern California underground. Based in crime-ridden '80s Los Angeles against the backdrop of juvenile hardcore and vapid hard rock, 100 FLOWERS crafted a sound that rests between the inspired bursts of THE MINUTEMEN and the pastoral jangle of THE DREAM SYNDICATE with similarities to the equally oblique MONITOR and THE GUN CLUB (who even included a URINALS cover in their set). The trio wielded a gripping visual aesthetic and hyper-literate lyrical content that reflected their art-school backgrounds, while a ferocity and frustration borne out of their bleak urban environment permeates their songs. Strains of UK post-punk can be heard on "All Sexed Up" and skittish tension on "Presence of Mind." A far cry from the beach punk and surf rock of their contemporaries, album closer "California's Falling into the Ocean" contains all of their signature qualities: off-kilter delivery, subversive sentiments, and an irrefutable pop sensibility that reflects their immersion in LA's burgeoning Paisley Underground scene. The band splintered shortly after the release of this album, but time has only intensified the urgency of 100 FLOWERS' music. But hopefully with the recent reissue of the band's complete output on Superior Viaduct, a new generation of fans is about to emerge...

Mike Watt + the Secondmen

American bassist, singer and songwriter born December 20, 1957. Co-founder of the rock bands Minutemen, Dos, and Firehose.


Formed in late 2017, Automatic is a promising band to watch in Los Angeles’ oversaturated scene. Bored with guitar music and traditional song structures, the post-punk trio comprised of Izzy Glaudini (synth/vocals), Halle Saxon Gaines (bass/vocals) and Lola Dompe (drums/vocals) has set off on their own unique path, marrying the avant-garde synth experimentation of Suicide with the driving motorik rhythms of Neu! And Can. Their debut EP, recorded by Richard James and Joo-Joo Ashworth (Froth), quickly made the rounds through LA’s underground, showcasing a Broadcast-inspired pop sensibility as a counterpoint to their aggressive synth-punk approach. In just a few short months, the band has garnered the attention of some of Southern California’s major players, earning them support slots for the likes of Poptone (ex-Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/Tones on Tail) and Surfbort.

DJ John Roller (Mono Records)



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