Oi!klahoma with The Brass

The Brass


The Uncouth

The Uncouth are a modern American Oi! band, but you wouldn't be able to guess that after hearing them. They don't play into genre cliches, with ringing guitar solos and songs about real life, they are a far cry from the tired march-a-longs and tough guy fairytales our scene has become watered down with. After releasing their first seven inch, “KC United”, the KC boys are back with a debut EP that doesn't let up from start to finish! For fans of The Clash, 4-Skins, Blitz, and Last Resort.

The Penny Mob

Oi! With no real agenda.

The Shame

We play punk rock, drink beer and watch football... (futbol) and we generally write songs about these particular things...

3 guys from the Tulsa Punk Scene in the 80's coming out of musical retirement for one more go and hopefully use it as an excuse to get free beers



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