The Musical Armando, The Harold Team Gone Gone

The Musical Armando

Each week a different guest will give a storytelling-style monologue, based on an audience suggestion. Inspired by the monologue, this dynamic cast of veterans will launch into scenes, songs and “choreography.”

CAST INCLUDES: Stacey Smith, Christy Bonstell, Katie Dufresne, Erin Goldsmith, Nnamdi Ngwe, Eric Muller, Ben Kass, Matt Castellvi, Patrick Rowland, Liz Joynt Sandberg, Nicole Hastings, Lisa Burton, Amber Linde, Andi Sharavsky, Kristin Hopkins, Sam Super and Michael Silver.

Dave Asher on keys.

Every Friday night at 8pm in the iO Mission Theater.

The Harold Team Gone Gone

An iO Harold team.



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