Broken Baby, Poppy Jean Crawford, The Vim Dicta, ModPods

Brainchild of wunderkind newcomer Amber Bollinger and rock veteran/producer Alex Dezen (The Damnwells), LA-based Broken Baby is an uncompromising rock band with post-punk edge and melodic appetites. Formed out of the ashes of failed relationships, both romantic and musical, Bollinger and Dezen wrote and recorded all the songs from their debut EP in the span of 2 weeks, honing their singular, collaborative work without pretension or extravagance. Heading back into the studio later that year to begin work on their forthcoming debut LP, the 10 tracks that emerged a few months later brought their forthright vision to new, blistering heights. Their boomy, low-fi sound soothes and scrapes in equal measure, with Bollinger’s bright, wispy vocals turning into adrenal-fueled rants with little warning. Caught somewhere between Savages, The Jesus Lizard, Gang of Four, Eurythmics, and The Pretenders, Broken Baby is a band for punching the air and driving a little too fast.

From meeting at Coachella to a summer of writing sessions, it all started with two friends in a garage, two guitars, some microphones and an 8-track recorder. The Vim Dicta formed in late 2011 amidst LA’s re-energized underground music scene and have worked hard writing and gigging to keep honing their sound and attract music fans looking for something unique and powerful that embodies the pure energy of Rock n Roll. They serve up soulful, sophisticated musicianship with cleaver lyrical content consistently delivered in powerfully memorable performances.

Kevin Bronson has this to say about LA's The Vim Dicta. “There may be no rock ’n’ roll configuration more exhausted creatively than the power trio. Belters and shredders come and go, substituting bombast for vitality and technical showmanship for true musical dialogue. Which brings me to young L.A. trio the Vim Dicta, who have succumbed to none of the perils of cliché.”

Poppy Jean Crawford

Drive to it. Cry to it. Get high to it. Screw to it…Then repeat.
Poppy Jean Crawford.
Fronted and formed by 19 year old Poppy Jean. It comes in many forms, with a revolving band.
The lineup is currently a trio backed by dark vixen Marlena Schwenck and a Mysterious Coyote man.
Schwencks Atmospheric Pedal driven take on a Classical Instrument ( Stand-up bass)
Crawford’s devilish rhythm guitar / Powerful Vocals, and Coyotes primal drums… Creates a nostalgic yet Modern sound.
This could be described simply as Art Rock.

ModPods is the Downtown L.A. brainchild of Myriad Slits, who writes queer dance beats and electronic music. Add Daniel and Mindee, two multi-instrumentalists, who trade between bass, guitar, and drums, adding their flavor to the already gritty beats and killer live show. Myriad’s unique powerhouse vocals and soulful lyrics mesmerize listeners and keep everyone coming back for more.


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