Skating Polly, a sister duo from Oklahoma made up of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, formed in 2009 after a jam session at the girls’ Halloween party. Their sophomore album, Lost Wonderfuls, was produced by Exene Cervenka of X and mixed by Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips. Lost Wonderfuls was released in April, 2013. They are now working on their third album, Fuzz Steilacoom, set to be released early 2014. Fuzz Steilacoom was tracked by Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening.
Raised on ‘70s punk and early-‘90s alt-rock, Mayo (age 13) and Bighorse (18) mine inspiration from artists as disparate as Johnny Cash, The Ramones, NWA, Nirvana, and Bikini Kill and saturate their own songs with a raw energy reminiscent of their musical heroes. Skating Polly takes a minimalist approach to songwriting, with the two largely self-taught musicians (Bighorse plays guitar, Mayo plays a guitar/bass hybrid called a basitar, and both girls play drums and piano) crafting super-catchy melodies mainly by “messing around with our instruments and figuring out how to make cool noises,” according to Bighorse. But despite their stripped-down aesthetic, each track on Lost Wonderfuls retains a rich emotionalism that’s at turns brutally in-your-face, gut-wrenchingly tender, and irresistibly fun.
Along with earning the adoration of Cervenka (whom they befriended after attending one of the X singer’s 2010 solo shows and playing their demos on a cell phone), Skating Polly has found fans in Rosanne Cash and Sean Lennon, taken the stage with punk legends like Mike Watt, and opened up for such indie heavy-hitters as Deerhoof and Band of Horses. Tapping Mayo’s dad as their tour manager, the stepsisters typically hit the road with their entire family and optimize their travel time by making up songs on their ukulele.
Both Mayo and Bighorse are intent on ignoring what’s fashionable and staying true to their passion for challenging music with long-lasting appeal. “The musicians we’re most inspired by are the ones who keep on going and going, who devote their entire lives to coming up with new and different stuff,” says Mayo. “A lot of times at our shows people will come up to us and tell us, ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t ever stop’ and we’re just like, ‘Yeah—we weren’t planning on ever stopping.”

Potty Mouth are Western MA-based trio Abby Weems (guitar, lead vocals), Ally Einbinder (bass) and Victoria Mandanas (drums). Originating in 2011 from the hometown of guitar rock predecessors Dinosaur Jr., Potty Mouth emerged from a casual, "why not" attitude when Einbinder, who met Mandanas at Smith college, set out to form a band with like-minded women who shared her interest in learning and growing together as musicians. Though no singer was chosen at the time of formation, Weems emerged as having a knack for melodies and lyric writing, and what started out as a casual pastime turned into a way of life; recording, making t-shirts, and planning tours soon came in natural succession.

One year after their formation, the band recorded a 12" vinyl EP, entitled Sun Damage, released through three small, independently-run labels. Sun Damage garnered the attention of Pitchfork, who called the six-song EP an "an impressive, no-filler debut," as well as local big-hitters The Boston Globe, who named Potty Mouth one of the top five indie-rock bands to watch in 2013.

In 2013, Potty Mouth signed with Brooklyn-based indie label Old Flame Records to release their debut full-length album, Hell Bent. NPR music premiered the album, calling it "one of the best rock albums of the year." As Potty Mouth garnered national attention, the band began to tour more extensively, co-headlining their first full US tour with Perfect Pussy and Swearin' in summer 2014, as well as supporting artists like Waxahatchee and Juliana Hatfield.
On August 21, 2015, the band will debut a five-song self-titled EP under their own imprint, Planet Whatever Records. Produced by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Blonde Redhead, Bikini Kill) at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, the new EP shows off a new level of both songwriting and production for the trio. Singer-guitarist Abby Weems weaved sarcasm and melancholia throughout each track, supported by Victoria Madanas' drum-crushing progression and bassist Ally Einbinder's kick-down-the-door, solid foundation. The crisper direction emphasizes the work the triad has put in since 2013's Hell Bent, with more vocal harmonies and bigger production, recalling the sounds of influences like Veruca Salt and Nirvana.

Spo has elements of rock, punk, folk and even rap but brings it to life with energy & heart... Sometimes it gets too real, but isn't that life?

DAve Crespo has been an omniscient part of Boston's local music scene and the internet independent music scene for over ten years. He started booking shows professionally in 2004 in small Boston bars that had no business having live music. But, in traditional Spo manner, he didn't give a #uck.

After meeting some of the hungriest bands in Boston, Spo needed a way to promote them and helped to start F Nice Records and UNregular Radio. This pushed him to meet bands from all over the country and thus making him the Spo you know.

Within this time, Spo had a band called, DAve Crespo's After Party that had 35 different members of bands Spo booked with the likes of Nicole D'Amico, Sam Damask, Marcus James, Zach Cohen, Alex Steven Martin, Nick Stein, Ashley Rhodes and so many more. So, not only did Spo facilitate the local music scene... the scene facilitated his band.

In 2015, midst opening a new radio station in WEMF Radio, DAve Crespo created Spo. The members at the time were a cary over from The After Party, but it was time for something new... and, so the band, which consisted of Chris Cucinotto, Will Deeks, Brandon Santos & Dave Chez, recorded a record.

The first record by the band, Pulp Punk is so auto-biographical that it is literally a 45 minute radio show on a now fake radio station, WSPO. The record, Pulp Punk has 12 songs, bits, ads and bumpers. It's crazy. You should listen to it.

Spo truly lived for live music. It's a great thing, but to commit to anything great you must sacrifice. And so, after a divorce Spo needed to gain some perspective on what he was actually doing...

In 2018, DAve got a divorce, & moved Spo out to Salt Lake City, Utah to make music with the mountains & Ashley formerly Perry on vocals. Upon moving out there he met Bruce Kirby an audio engineer that recorded some songs with him. Bruce introduced DAve to Zach & nu-Spo was then a thing...

Upon returning to Boston to finalize DAve's divorce in July of 2018, Ashley also came home & they played shows with the old band's members... but, Pat aka Ructchaplee hadn't had his fill and he decided to move out to Utah to play with the band. DAve came back a month later to drive, Ructch and his stuff across the country to make a scene in Salt Lake City. Now the band looks towards making a record before Rutch leaves to go home to Thailand...

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