Unapologetically Black

Misty Monroe

Misty Monroe is a Groundlings Sunday Company alumnus. She has appeared in numerous television shows, most recently Bosch and The Affair. Unapologetically Black is written and produced by Misty Monroe. Directed by Karen Maruyama.

$15.00 - $20.00


Unapologetically Black is the non fictional story of Misty Monroe. A Black woman, with a white name, trying to assimilate into both South Central Los Angeles (predominately black) and the naval bases of Northern California (predominately “Other”). In an effort to fit in she hid her love for Madonna from her Black friends and her Ebonic fluency from her White friends. It was exhausting, Misty never felt like she could be her authentic self. Eventually Misty attended a lecture about “The Stages of Nigrescence” and realized that her journey to be her authentic self, no matter the environment, is not uncommon for Black people. The desire to “fit in” is universal and Unapologetically Black takes you on the journey of a Black woman who gains the courage to simply BE, unapologetically.

Running time: 1 hour


*Extra $5 charge with tickets bought at the door*

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