Das Bunker 22nd Anniversary Dance Night

World Renowned Industrial Dance Club.

Das Bunker Resident DJ's

Trauma / Maldoror / The Operative / H-Bomb / Rev.John

Release The Bats

World Famous Death Rock club

DB 1996

Das Bunker founders reunite!
H-Bomb, Wart, Reel Eyes



The Das Bunker 22nd Anniversary (DB22) will be one of our signature Dance Nights - featuring three rooms of industrial music with all of our resident DJ's. 


In addition, we will also feature a final collab with our good friends RELEASE THE BATS before they call it quits after 20 strong years as the worlds foremost Death Rock night, as well as the first appearance of DAS BUNKER FOUNDERS H-Bomb, Reel Eyes, and Wart in two decades. 

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