7 Chinese Bros

7 Chinese Bros

In the early 1980s, rock music was dominated by bland, corporate types like REO Speedwagon and Lionel Richie. But change was brewing. Musicians inspired by punk and new wave rejected the old formulas and restrictions of mainstream rock. They found homes with independent record labels, and gained a freedom to do just about whatever the hell they wanted. Against this backdrop, Alternative Rock was born. Here in the Deep South, the alt-rock scene developed around an unlikely Acropolis: Athens, Georgia. The Alt Rock gods? REM.
Perhaps it was an older brother, returning home from college, who introduced you to this strange, new music. Better yet, it was the older brother you got to visit on campus while your high school friends were stuck at home on Saturday night. Or maybe it was the weird kid at school, who you secretly thought was cool but were too afraid to admit. One way or the other, you got your first fix of REM, and you were hooked. A sound so different from the steady diet of forgettable pop on the radio, REM dropped new arrangements and song structures on top of jangly guitars and maddeningly unintelligible lyrics-we still don’t know what the hell Stipe is saying.

7 Chinese Bros. features local musicians still under the influence of the early years of REM. Danny Whitsett and Ben Ridlehoover (guitars and vocals) Bret Estep (drums and percussions), Brian McCool (bass), and Tony Oliver (Keys), pay homage to the band from Athens with a set featuring songs from Chronic Town, Murmur, Reckoning, Fables, Life’s Rich Pageant and more.



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