Ever since we first played the Limelight in San Antonio, we've often fantasized about changing the name of the band to El Dig. At this particular show the sound guy grabbed a mic in the middle of our set and yelled out, give it up for this badass band! El Dig El Dig El Dig! We don't have the cojones to makes this our name for real, but we spent the 2 or 3 years between Midnight Flowers and Bloodshot Tokyo writing songs and piling them up on a playlist called El Dig. 

11 of those songs became Bloodshot Tokyo, but a lot of the tunes we didn't record were some of our favorites. So last year we went back up to the beautiful Outlier Inn in upstate NY and made two new EPs: Moonlight Baby and Afternoon With Caroline. Moonlight Baby is a more guitar oriented, old school rock and roll influenced record. The most guitar solos on a Dig album since Electric Toys, according to a guy who heard it. Afternoon with Caroline is a more synth heavy, groovin affair. It has some of our fastest tunes, but also one of our smoothest 70s R&B numbers. 

If there's one thing that ties the two EPs together it's that all the songs are about moving. Moonlight Baby is about moving because you're forced to. A sudden shift in your reality without any advanced notice or preparation. Afternoon With Caroline is about moving of your own free will. Chasing ambition, following your heart and breaking free of toxic situations. 

It's in this spirit that we'll be moving into 2018 with a whole new batch of tunes. Rolling them out one by one on a playlist called El Dig, (the way the good lord intended). You can follow along here.

We're also moving literally, across the US of A.
Leaving NYC where we've lived for the entire life of the band, to a new home in sunny L.A... 

The Dig
(David / Emile / Erick / Mark)

Jonathan and Michael Rosen are brothers, and also Cones. Growing up in San Francisco, they were as close as could be – spending their free time eating cereal.

Jonathan was infatuated with pop music from day one. He cried when he realized Elvis was dead. He would build cardboard drum sets in his room and play along to the Bee Gees. In contrast, Michael had a technical and academic approach to music. Trained in piano and composition, he studied in the classical tradition, writing his first opera at the age of 16.

The two brothers are based in Los Angeles. Jonathan is an acclaimed hand-drawn animator. He has created music videos for such artists as Toro y Moi, Eleanor Friedberger, and Delicate Steve. His rock and roll dream was born on the set of HBO’s Vinyl, when he played the role of Johnny Thunders. Michael is a commercial/film composer and experimental sound artist. His fiercely technical brain works in collaboration with his heightened ear to create beautiful and strange sonic environments.

Prior to starting Cones, the brothers played in the backing band for Eleanor Friedberger (of the Fiery Furnaces), helping to write and tour on her latest record New View. While on tour, Jonathan and Michael conceptualized a new project. One that would fuse Jonathan’s pop sensibilities with Michael’s lush soundscapes and key-heavy orchestration. One that would rely on an entire lifetime of brotherhood – sounds that Jonathan could draw and images that Michael could hear.

In the spring of 2017, Cones released a music video (animated by Jonathan) for their debut single ‘Echoes On’ via The Fader. Two more singles titled ‘Back in the Brain’ and ‘Whatever You’re Into’ will be released in August 2017 via Canvasclub, Canvasback Music’s monthly singles series.

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