Float Like a Buffalo w/ Secret Creatures, Whiskey Starship, One Track Mind, & Cognatus

Float Like a Buffalo

Progressive funk outta Mile High

Secret Creatures

Like the sunrise paints the Colorado mountains, the high-energy grooves from Secret Creatures are painting the Denver music scene with vibrant sounds. Formed in early 2015, Secret Creatures brings unique musical backgrounds together to create soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and driving beats. Blending this mix with a reggae twist, the Island Groove was born. Ride the waves of creativity brought forth by this eclectic group of musicians. Get moved by the Island Groove!


One Track Mind


Were a fun loving Denver local Phrunk band. Our genre is Phrunk which means progressive funk punk. Each member in our band brings a different meal to the pot luck and we get a vast variety of different feasts. Phrunk, it's what the Pilgrims ate.
Pronounced (Cog.Nat.Us.) Nat like Gnat not Nate.
To us, music should never be limited. If we wanna add something to a song that wouldn't be considered a norm then we will add it. Do you think Na Na Na's were only meant for a 3 chord progression? Well we think they were meant for 8 finger bass taps. Instrumental Metal break down in the same song? you bet your sweet chilly pheasesteak we did. We write what we want in the style that we want and what we get is Phrunk. Were just really 4 kids looking to have a good time enjoying the things we do.

$4.00 - $8.00


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