GRAY HOUSE - Philadelphia Premiere

GRAY HOUSE - Philadelphia Premiere

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A silent fisherman in Texas, a blazing oil field in North Dakota, a mysterious community in Virginia, a women’s prison in Oregon, and a modernist home in California are the ostensible subjects of Austin Lynch and Matthew Booth’s new feature, GRAY HOUSE. But these explorations of sound, image, and cinematic time seamlessly blend documentary and narrative form, meditating upon nature, isolation, decadence, and destitution. Mysterious and elusive, yet possessing an aesthetic and sensory unity (appearances by Denis Lavant (HOLY MOTORS), Aurore Clément, and Dianna Molzan mix with direct addresses from real-life laborers and inmates), Gray House quietly recalibrates one’s sense of the world and our place within it.
United States / 2017 / 75 minutes / NR

"Beguilingly beautiful. Haunting, unsettling. Astounding."
— Joshua Oppenheimer, Director of The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence

"This quietly arresting first feature by Austin Lynch, son of David, certainly lives up to the family name in its cultivated, charcoal-hued strangeness, but happily reveals a stark creative sensibility inherited from no clear source."
— Guy Lodge, Variety

"Haunting and audacious. Lynch and Booth take us to places we’ve likely never been and might never have seen were it not for their curiosity and insight, making the invisible visible in a way that is both deeply disturbing and profoundly moving."
— Angeline Gragásin, Screen Slate

"Gray House is a majestic and powerful work and within its structure and imagery, rather than plot or narrative, is where meaning is found. Lynch and Booth lead the audience to strange and terrific places."
— David Tasman, Frieze



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