Skinny Powers

Consisting of 5 musicians from Arkansas and Tennessee, Skinny Powers came together in late 2017 as a studio project in Memphis, TN . With several years of combined experience on local stages, touring on national stages, and performing in studios all over the country, Skinny Powers is ready to bring a spectacular live show to Memphis, the mid-south area, and abroad. We hope you will join us on this journey, SP - free streaming available

With Bravado

"What is with Bravado? It's been described as a fusion of Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, David Bowie, Interpol, and Stevie Nicks. with Bravado is an alternative rock band and makes no apologies for it. It couples the spirit of alternative rock with the progressive sounds of earlier eras. It's a unique sound but an approachable one. It is its own sound, and is not easily comparable to other music, but that’s not a bad thing. with Bravado remains innovative enough to forge ahead into the prog/alt rock scene, but approachable enough to be understood. Take two songs with water and call us in the morning."

"It's really original. It's not the same as everything else, and I like that."
Zach Myers of Shinedown

"There's something special about this music. It has a very unique quality."
Papa G of MGM Booking

"They're ready for the next level."
Eddie Kitchens of R2M Productions

Burn the Witch

Risky Whispers


$10 at the Door

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