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A Chicago native, Tatiana embodies the Windy City’s thriving and eclectic music scene with not only her talent as an artist but also her creativity as a lyricist and musician. Tatiana has cultivated a cult-like following in her hometown having played shows at local cool spots like Abbey Pub, Martyrs’, and JBTV. She’s also worked with fellow up and coming Chicago artists like Kweku Collins and Melo Makes Music. She’s now setting her sights on expanding her fan base as she releases her next single, which she produced herself and plans to release her new album, also self-produced, later this year. With an interest in music from an early age, Tatiana started playing the guitar and composing her music and lyrics at eleven years of age and later taught herself to play the keyboard and ukulele. At 13, she launched her own YouTube page and began posting videos of covers as well as original material with some of her videos reaching over 50,000 views.



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