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Christina LaRocca

Soulful singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Her story is one of independence, strength and artistry. Her songs are the road. The road is her home.

Give Me Motion

Hi, my name is Dante. I made Give Me Motion as a way of combatting my own complacency. My latest album, Extra Ordinary, is about celebrating the heart-breaking exceptionalism of our seemingly mediocre existence. I’m happy you’re into this stuff and here to rejoice through the harsh sunlight with me.
This album is the most punk rock I’ll ever be while keeping with my generally joyous sound. This was achieved largely with the talents of Jeremy Hatcher and other Los Angeles musicians. The lyrics encompass the last seven years of my life: moving out west, cherishing friendships, working, worrying, and eternally rotating perspectives of “how lucky the sunlight will find the moon” and “I’d make the same mistakes for no one else.”

A rare blend of bold and vulnerable, Ionie spins a wry, honest pop while drawing on her roots in soul, jazz, and rock.

Ionie grew up fast under two roofs in San Francisco. Her father, an amateur jazz musician, was addicted to opiates for most of his life. Her mother, a dancer and art historian from Mexico City, together with her stepfather, provided a stark contrast. Despite the conflict, both homes fostered a creative environment for Ionie, who began singing at the age of 6.

When Ionie was 13 she walked out of her father's life. "I was tired of pretending things were ok. I asked him not to contact me until he got his shit together--we didn't talk for a year."

“Thank you. My faith in music has been restored.”
— Pacino Bing, Founder of Factory Floor
Music became her outlet. In high school, Ionie took a songwriting and production course where she wrote and recorded her first song, "Everything's Making Me Cry," a title she now chuckles at.

Ionie moved to New York at 17 to study music at NYU. Her debut album (April 2015) explores her struggle with love, identity, time and transformation through an intimate collection of original songs.

Casey Abay

Singer Songwriter with a wide range of musical influences. from reggae to rock, Sinatra to Bach. Music from the soul written on an acoustic guitar..

Eric Dash

Eric Dash began singing, songwriting, and playing piano at the age of 8 after his parents took him to his first concert – No Doubt. However, it wasn’t until he was 13 that he picked up the guitar and started performing live.

At first, Eric wrote and sang for himself, but then he used his songs for a bunch of South Jersey pop-rock scene bands. They played all over Philadelphia and New Jersey. At 16, Eric decided that a solo career is what he wanted to pursue.

From that point, he released several EPs with different producers trying to find his sound. He went to the University of Maryland and would travel most weekends to New York City to play shows, record, and write.

It wasn’t until he was 22, living in New York City and working the circuit, when he started to speak to Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer/Black Crows).

Jack and Eric began to work together in Los Angeles and soon after released Eric’s first Top 40 song and YouTube viral video, “One More Love Song”, which reached over 600k views.
Eric was then picked up for tours with Heffron Drive and The Janoskians – both tours in the U.S. and Canada.

After touring, Eric went back to the studio. He started to fall in love with the process of producing so he began producing his own music, finding new collaborators, and producing for other artists.

In September 2017, Eric released “Freedom” and found YouTube success again (with collectively over a million views). Since then he has been featured on Spotify playlists and performed all over Los Angeles – including for the United Nations’ “Girl Up” Campaign and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Sofitel Fundraiser.

Presently, Eric is working finishing his upcoming album as well as writing and producing for emerging artist and some of the biggest names in music.



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