Valley Hush is the indie dream-pop project of vocalist, Lianna Vanicelli and producer/multi-instrumentalist, Alex Kaye. Formed in 2014 in Detroit, the duo have built a reputation on creating music that swells with vulnerability and speaks to our shared and binding commonality that we’re all in this strange, beautiful mess together. Their melange of reality and fantasy transcends genres with cohesion and a purposeful gaze. The band relocated to LA in late 2017 after feeling the urge to shift perspective in both their personal and creative lives. Moving from their hometown led them to a set of unexpected experiences and emotions, dramatic shifts in romance, and a refreshing energy to hone their craft and sound that inspired their most recent singles. One of which, debuted on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist last August. They are currently fully-independent and working on more new material while introducing their live set to the LA scene.

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