Son of a Velvet Rat

Son of a Velvet Rat

“There’s a band from Austria of all places who we heard here. It’s a husband and wife team called Son of the Velvet Rat. He’s got this great sexy, gravelly voice. He reminds me of that a little bit – this Dylanesque thing. It’s beautiful melodies and sort of this Nick Drake, Mark Lanegan kind of thing. I freaked out when I saw them at this little place called the Hotel Cafe.”—Lucinda Williams, Stereo Subversion

„The voices you hear from this album hover like strobing waves rising from a ribbon of heated black road, and that is precisely how they entered my world: as an apparition both unmistakable and untouchable; other-worldly, yet utterly familiar. I sometimes believe that as sprawling and confused as our national character has become, it requires a foreigner to actually make sense and whole cloth of its particular alchemy –to see it clearly, as if from the fire tower high above us. Dorado was recorded quickly over just a few days, and it had to be. The songs as deft pieces of writing had already been well considered, but their articulation needed to be urgent for the mystery at the heart of them to spark and fizz with real-time revelation. We didn’t so much arrange the songs as set traps for them; and as such, the clear-eyed deer of our collective desire walked right up to our threshold and ate from our hands.“ —DORADO Liner Notes by Joe Henry

'DORADO' [ Fluff&Gravy, Mint 400] 2017, Produced by Joe Henry, mixed by Ryan Freeland, J. Bellerose-Drums, D. Piltch-Bass, P. Warren-Piano, A. Levy-Guitar


SON OF THE VELVET RAT is the family business of Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder, a husband-and-wife team of exceptional height who left their home town of Graz, Austria and the cloistered safety of the Continent for the endless highway of America, finally settling in Joshua Tree in California’s Mojave Desert in 2013.

Situated at the vanguard of Euro-Americana, their songs build on the cabaret traditions of Old World masters like Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel and Fabrizio De Andre, now fused with the dark Old Testament prophecy and Kabbalistic visions conjured by Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen and especially Bob Dylan. The result, as realized on their 2017 U.S. debut Dorado, is like some exotic desert fruit of indeterminate provenance -- equal parts ragged glory and brooding noir, the crepuscular glow of the violet horizon and blood pooled on a motel bathroom floor -- all delivered in what accidental fan Lucinda Williams, who caught their set one night at the Hotel Café in Hollywood, calls Georg’s “great sexy-gravelly voice,” leavened by Heike’s translucent harmonies, like roses circling a tattooed heart.


SON OF THE VELVET RAT ist das Projekt des österreichischen Songwriters Georg Altziebler. Seine mittlerweile 6 Alben erhielten nicht nur hierzulande außergewöhnliche Kritiken - auch international genießt der Mann aus Graz einen hervorragenden Ruf.

Das neue Album 'Dorado' wurde unter der Regie von Joe Henry produziert und erscheint am 17. Februar 2017 auf Fluff&Gravy/Mint400. Zusammenarbeiten mit Ken Coomer (Ex-Wilco), Kristof Hahn (Swans), Richard Pappik (Element of Crime) oder Alt-Country-Queen Lucinda Williams belegen zudem SotVR's internationalen Ruf. Peter Jesperson (Ex-Manager The Replacements) zu SotVR: „Beautiful and somber music, their lyrics are pure poetry.“

Seit einigen Jahren lebt und arbeitet Altziebler den überwiegenden Teil des Jahres in der kalifornischen Wüste bei Joshua Tree.

Live ist SotVR in verschiedenen Besetzungen zu sehen und zu hören: Solo, im Duo mit Keyboarderin Heike Binder und als full band mit Muck Willmann (A) oder Joel Patterson (US) am Schlagzeug, Albrecht Klinger (A) / Eric Mc Cann (US) am Bass, Kolja Radenkovic (A) an Trompete, Flügelhorn oder Gitarre und Gar Robertson (US) an Gitarre, Lapsteel und Mandoline. Nicht nur die verschiedenen Besetzungen garantieren spannende Live-Performances, tatsächlich verändern die Songs ständig Sound und Atmosphäre. Vor allem im Quintett changiert die Band zwischen fragilem Neo-Folk-Chanson und rauem Garage-Rock.



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