Something Hit, The Emerald, Lottery Season, 79, Berries & Toast

Two friends from middle school met two friends on the internet and started a band. This is that band. With songs about heartbreak, growing up, and even the Wild West, Something Hit leaves no rock un-rolled! Come see what literally none of the buzz has been about, but what your friends will be jealous they missed.

The Emerald

Cathartic alternative rock with a pulse.

Lottery Season

Lottery Season is an alternative/emo act native to Los Angeles, CA. They have a soft spot for catchy hooks, melodic lead guitars, and power pop influence. They worship bands such as Weezer, Remo Drive, and Bombay Bicycle Club. Catch their DEBUT EP on November 9th available on all streaming services.

79' is an original rock ‘n’ roll band created by Brinley Amicon, lead guitarist, and Ali Quinn, lead vocalist/pianist, in 2014. The current lineup consists of lead guitarist Brinley Amicon, lead vocalist/pianist Ali Quinn, bassist Tommy O’Halloran, and drummer Thomas Pribyl. On various dates, vocalist J.J. VanDeventer will be performing for Ali Quinn. The South Florida based band set their standards high while channeling the attitude and style of icons from the 60s to the early 90s. Each record 79’ releases encompasses a vintage feel and can be described as middle ground between the blues and hard rock. In February of 2016, 79’ released a three track EP titled, “Not a Name.” The EP got the attention of prominent figures in the industry such as Clive Davis, Louis Tomlinson, and Sony Records. In August of 2016, the group released their first single “Sunset Strip,” which gained over 1,500 views on YouTube. In July of 2017, 79’ released a five track self-titled EP. The releases brought 79’ opportunities such as signing a deal with Full Sail University including unlimited recording time, music video plans, the #5 best rock group spot on the Reverb Nation charts, and record sales. At a time when pop music has a commanding influence on the industry, 79’ plans to revive the ugly and raw rock sounds from 1960-1990.

Berries & Toast

The LA based group, Berries & Toast started in the mind of Andres Barrientos. He self recorded an album in his room and to better bring the vision to life, he brought on friends, Matt Moreno, Douglas Flores and Aaron Blankenbaker. Together they became Berries & Toast. Their goal is to successfully bring together psychedelic, dream, and pop rock sounds to make a mystical soundwave explosion!



  • 8:15 - Lottery Season 
  • 9:00 - 79
  • 9:45 - Something Hit
  • 10:35 - The Emerald
  • 11:45 - Berries & Toast

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