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Claire Morales

Claire Morales began performing when she was 13 years old, playing acoustic gigs at local coffee shops in North Texas.

After singing in other acts throughout her teen years, she went on to form her own band in 2014, moving from acoustic to electric guitar and bringing in rock band instrumentation. February of 2015 saw the release of Claire's debut album Amaranthine. The record is a collection of dreamy, hazy rock songs centered around childhood, nostalgia, and coming of age.

In October of 2015, Morales wrote, recorded, and released Harmony in Hell " halloween themed, sparse, and spontaneous"

In spring of 2017, Claire released "Wrong Ones", a 5 song EP written in collaboration with Jena Pyle for their project Saudade Sisters. The EP is inspired by sad girl music from greats of heartache (think Vashti Bunyan, Sibylle Baier, and Laura Marling)

Claire was also an artist for the Elk River Sessions for their inaugural retreat this year. 20 Denton artists shuttled out to the Ozarks to drink way too much booze and create an album together from start to finish in 3 days

All That Wanting was released on June 29 2018

"Since she first appeared regularly on the scene nearly half a decade ago, Denton-based artist Claire Morales has been captivating audiences with her mesmerizing songwriting and must-see live shows. She established herself with the 2015 album Amaranthine. Her commanding singing voice anchors each track with a firm rooting cloaked in a hazy swath of a dreamy country stomp that would make Neil Young and Crazy Horse, circa 1974, proud. Since then, her palette has expanded. Morales has taken forays into glam-rock-infused funkier sound collages and dabbled in echo chamber singalongs that at times resemble Kate Bush or Hope Sandoval" (Jeff Strowe, Dallas Observer)

John's Little Sister

Dreamy soul in rock 'n roll.

Racket Man

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