“Hirie is a lifestyle choice, it’s about healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our fans and our band are always saying ‘let’s get HIRIE,’ it’s a way to detach from the painful complexities of the world, and bask in joyous energy,” says the band’s lead singer and sage who has taken the band’s namesake for her own.

Love is in the air as well as in digital format! Love is still the most popular subject for songs no matter what genre you're in to, so it's fairly easy to pick out a handful of tunes to put together into a special”For The Lovers” playlist. You may have said the three magical words 'I Love You' a thousand times before, but on this special day, you’ll want to say it again with the brand new track titled “For The Lovers” from the R&B, soul and reggae songstress Tenelle playing in the background.

...on this special day, you’ll want to say it again with the brand new track titled “For The Lovers”

Tenelle is releasing the title track from her debut album today, however the new album is slated for release this March 3rd, 2017 and will feature guest appearances from producer and song writer Chazrox, and pioneer of the Pacific Island sound, Fiji.

Tenelle isn't exactly sure of when her love for singing first started, but suggests that "growing up in Carson CA, with a big family, where talent shows are more competitive than the X-Factor itself." As a child, Tenelle recalls listening to artists such as Lauryn Hill, Betty Wright, and Joss Stone, while watching films such as the original Sparkle, dreaming of the big stage. Years later she would find herself on that stage performing her #1 hit singles "Flava" and "Get Some" in front of hundreds and thousands of people all over the world including Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and the U.S.

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Ipo - Songwriter // Singer
Riley - Bass // Producer

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