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In a world where tapping your finger summons any kind of music you’d want to hear, it takes a lot for
a new artist to capture the public’s attention. It takes a compelling voice, impressive musical chops
and songs that are both entertaining and insightful. It also helps to have a passion for making music
that leaps from the speakers, grabs the listener by the ears and settles in their heart. Hudson Moore
is that caliber of artist.

Moore is quickly earning fans with his engaging, self-assured voice and his awe-inducing musical
skills. His new single, “Some Are,” off GETAWAY has people scratching their heads in disbelief when
they see the video because each camera shot reveals Moore’s musical dexterity as he plays EVERY
instrument in the video (drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, 6 string banjo, keys and harmony
“There are so many artists competing for the public’s attention these days and I feel that being a
multi-instrumentalist helps set me apart,” says Moore, whose reputation as a great live performer has
earned him opening slots for ZZ Top, Alan Jackson, Pat Green, Rascal Flatts and Gary Clark Jr. “I
write or co-write all my own songs and do the vast majority of guitar work and musical overdubs on
my albums (for better or for worse) so when you listen to my record you aren’t hearing a hired
gunslinger, you’re actually hearing me” he explains. Moore has a creative hand in everything he does
from the production of his albums to the arrangements, the mix you hear, and the videos you see.
For Moore, making music is as natural as breathing and it’s a passion that began when he was just a
child. “I’m a musician first and foremost. I started playing the guitar and drums around 10 years old,
then fell into singing and writing songs when I was about 16,” he says. Some of my earliest musical
influences were guys like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Vince Gill. I remember when I was 6 years
old, my dad took us to see Tim McGraw live in Dallas and Kenny Chesney opened the show. We had
been wearing out Tim's album, "Everywhere" that whole year. My brothers and I knew every word to
every song. I'll never forget the feeling of watching Tim take control of the crowd like that. It was a
really powerful moment for me. I didn't realize then that one day I'd be performing on stage as well,
but I think that was when the seed was planted for me.
As a listener, I've always been equally drawn to the music, hooks and melodies as I have the lyrics.
Growing up listening to guys like Keith Urban and Vince Gill, I noticed the guitar was always at the
forefront of their songs. That really stuck with me and I think a lot of that sound has made its way into
my music.”
Moore has expanded on the musical foundation provided by his heroes and forged his own distinct
sound teaming with youthful energy and anchored by memorable melodies and relatable lyrics. And
though he has the musical skill and vocal talent to succeed in any genre, there was never any doubt
he’d call Country Music his home. “Honestly the fans bring it home for me,” says Moore.
"Country music fans are some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the world. When I play for
them, I feel like I'm playing for my friends and family. Like most people, I enjoy all different types of
music: rock, pop, blues, r&b - but country music is at the root of it all for me. It's at the core of who I
am as an artist and why I got into music to begin with. “
Moore’s talent and buoyant personality have earned him a broad and enthusiastic fan base. His debut
album, “Fireworks,” spawned the hit single of the same title, “Fireworks,” which soared to No. 1 on the
Texas Music chart and held that spot for two weeks. His songs have appeared in TV and films,
including the 2013 western film “Sweetwater” starring Ed Harris, January Jones and Jason Aldean,
which featured Moore’s “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” over the closing credits. “It was really fun to have
a song featured in a film at Sundance. Especially being a western. I’ve always been a huge fan of
Western films” he says. “We went up there and watched it on the big screen at the premiere and
walked the red carpet and everything. It was really exciting.”
Moore has also developed a reputation as a strong live performer and has opened for many of his
musical heroes as well as headlining his own shows in notable venues such as Billy Bob’s Texas, the
world’s largest honky tonk and Gruene Hall. “Texas crowds aren’t always the easiest crowds to win
over because they have so much great music to choose from,” he admits. “It’s a great place to cut
your teeth as an artist. There are so many great cities and venues to play in Texas. If you can win
over Texas crowds, it’ll really help build your confidence as a performer.”
With the release of GETAWAY, Moore continues to solidify his reputation as one of country’s most
gifted young artists. He co-produced his new set with Dwight A. Baker, an Austin-based
songwriter/producer who has worked with Kelly Clarkson, Brandi Carlile, Bob Schneider, Blue
October, Alpha Rev among others. “We really hit it off,” Moore says with a grin. “I told him I had a
clear vision of how I wanted my record to sound and he said, ‘Man, I just want to help get your vision
across and let you be you.’ He was really supportive and it was just a perfect fit. I have a specific
sound I was going for and Dwight encouraged me to be me rather than steer me in a direction that I
didn’t want to go. I was able to lead the ship and he was there to support me and push me to give my
best performance.”
The lead single, “Some Are,” showcases Moore’s potent skills as a musician as well as his rich,
smooth vocals. “It’s a feel good song, that’s nostalgic at the same time” says Moore. “It’s about the
special people you encounter in life that managed to drive you crazy, make you open up that door
and go the extra mile to get that smile or that kiss”.
Another highlight on the new project is “Sand in the Bed.” “It’s one of my favorite songs on the
record,” he says of the lilting, romantic tune he penned with J.T. Hodges and Andrew Petroff. “I had
the title and texted it out to the guys. Immediately they both said, we’ve got to write this!’ Everyone’s
wheels were spinning and at the end of the session, we had a full work tape of the song. It’s a sexy,
honeymoon song that reflects on the time you have with that special person. It’s hopefully a song that
will take people to that place when they listen to it. I’m really happy with the way it turned out”.
Moore’s excitement for making music is contagious and whether on stage or off, there’s a simmering
energy that makes a conversation with him a delight and a concert so galvanizing that it’s experience
not to be missed. His passion fuels everything he does and it leaves a lasting impression on those
who cross his path. “Life’s too short to be doing something you’re not passionate about. I’m chasing
my dream and doing what I love and I hope that I’ll be able to inspire others to do what they love as
well,” he says. My hope is that my music will help people get through that hard time in their life, or be
that song they put on when they’re falling in love or hanging out with friends on a Friday night. In
some a way, I want to be a small part of the soundtracks of peoples lives.”

The Joe Stamm Band (JSB) is a high energy country rock group rooted in the Black Dirt of the American Midwest. Born and raised in the fields and fence rows of central Illinois, Joe and the band play a soul pumping brand of country rock uniquely their own. In 2018, DirtRoadAnthems.com told their readers, “If you are looking for a great new country/rock/Americana band to listen to, [Joe Stamm Band] is the perfect one.” JSB songs are laced with rural American imagery, hard-driving guitar, and songwriting that invites listeners into a deeply personal, authentic life experience.

Joe’s early life revolved primarily around football, earning a scholarship to play quarterback at Northern Illinois University. Injuries, however, cut a once promising career short and sent him searching - searching for a new identity, new hobbies, new pursuits and points of focus. He poured himself into academics, hunting, his childhood faith, partying & burning candles at both ends. Gradually, music and songwriting dominated Joe’s focus and stories began to emerge – not just his but yours, ours. Over time, a community of musicians & fans took notice. A band formed & audiences started filling venues.

Joe has now opened for acts such as Travis Tritt, Chris Knight, the Kentucky Headhunters, Jerrod Niemann, Parmalee, and JT Hodges, among others, even sharing the bill with personal heroes Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson at the Tailgates and Tallboys Music Festival. Joe Stamm Band is anchored by long time members Joe Stamm at guitar & lead vocals, Danny Greuter on lead guitar, and Jon Byler Dann playing bass guitar and singing backup. Bruce Moser on drums and Dave Glover on guitar fill out the five-piece group. Their focus is singular – play great music for as many people as possible. Joe acknowledges, “We started this thing in the grassroots of central Illinois. And we plan to stay firmly rooted. Roots and growth are dependent on one another. We trust our fans will keep us centered on both.”

JSB releases new music every couple of months. Most recently, Joe released a duet with Nashville based Tasji Bachman, entitled “First Saw You.” The band’s previous two releases, both in March of 2018, are “Fetch Me,” a hymnal tribute to Joe’s family heritage, and “Midwest Girl,” an country rock anthem to women of the American Midwest. JSB music is available on all digital music platforms (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

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