Luna Honey

Luna Honey draws on influences from The Birthday Party, Morphine, Nico, Swans, and early 4AD to combine murky bass grooves, unhinged distortion, and haunted vocals for a sound that builds from darkly hypnotic to feverishly unmoored. Their songs examine what it means to grow older, to let go of guilt, to embrace fear, and to find the balance between safety and a meaningful existence.

"Luna Honey expands on electronic rock by fusing it with gothic undertones and solid narratives, a feature that gives their album a provocative, yet alluring sound. Although Peace Will Grind You Down is their first album, the band already displays a mature sound that boasts a lifetime of experiences. If this album is any indication of where the band will head in the future, I feel it’s safe to say that Luna Honey will find itself among one of the gothic greats."

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