Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, Ramonda Hammer, Nicole Kiki Jaffe, with DJ Sets by EasyFriend

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is a melodic, 3 piece, Alternative/Grunge band fronted by vocalist/guitar player, Sarah Green (SG).

In 2010, SG returned to Los Angeles from a summer touring with the Van's Warped tour and founded SP/BH in a downtown rehearsal space. They are expected to release new music, fall of 2018.

"Ramonda Hammer is a Los Angeles grunge-pop quartet who's band name comes from a lady featured on the former television show Cheaters. That show, in and of itself, represents how front-woman and band founder Devin Davis views life - it’s a mix of sad and funny, some people learn and some people don’t, and we take what we can to do what we can. In her songwriting, Davis plays with quirky chord progressions, time signature and tempo changes, and dynamic, biting vocal melodies - akin to many of the alternative and grunge bands that made an impact in the 90s. The other three fourths of Ramonda Hammer - Andy Hengl, Justin Geter, and Danny Louangxay - turn Davis’ songs into fully flourished anthems! The band's debut album drops March 11, 2016. It's titled Whatever That Means, which is not only a playful nod to everyone who’s puzzled by the band’s name, but is a lyric from a track on the album. If you want to stay Hammered, follow the band on all forms of social media."

Nicole Kiki Jaffe

A rock and roll spirit with a soulful tone, she holds nothing back from her audience and leaves everything on the stage.

Raised in Southern California, Nicole has developed her sound on stages all across Los Angeles, from the Viper Room, to Harvard and Stone, Resident LA, and Hotel Cafe. She draws from influences in classic rock, folk, and musical theatre; and is currently wrapping up her first studio album, titled ‘Matte Black,’ set to release in 2018.

Her melodies are musical cathedrals, with lyrics that both cut and heal. Her songs are fearless reminders that rock and roll was born in the rhythm, and the blues.


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