Corey Adam

Corey Adam

The 37-year-old has been one of the cornerstones of the Twin Cities comedy scene for the past decade, performing, hosting, and organizing shows that have helped countless performers gain stage time and experience. But if you haven’t seen him live onstage, you’ve probably never heard of him. Or, you’ve never heard his jokes at least.
“I just wasn’t ready to put out an album before now,” he calmly explains.

That’s all going to change this week, as Adam will be releasing his debut album of jokes. Aptly titled Jokes, it's the culmination of years of open mics and road gigs, piecing together material that he feels is good enough to represent him as a comedian.

“Some of these jokes are like six years old; others I’ve come up with in the past year,” he explains. “But I also wanted to make sure that I had enough material so that when I was ready to put out an album, it wasn’t all the same stuff I was performing too. I hate when you see a comedian, buy their album, and then it’s just all the same jokes that you just heard them tell.”

While this might be his first album of jokes, this won’t be his first album over all. Three years ago, Adam released an album of nothing but crowd work called, No Jokes.


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