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"We're at a really concerning place in politics. Actually, it's downright terrifying. At times like this, it's hard to see any silver lining at all. Thankfully, Baltimore hardcore band, Sharptooth, is here to save the day with their first full length, Clever Girl. If anything is going to be a silver lining in times like these, it's this album. "

-February 13th, 2017 by Kirstie Rouse
of The Odyssey Online

" Sharptooth does all this unapologetically, taking hardcore into brave and dangerous new territory while never letting up on the ragged from-the-heart maliciousness fans demand from the genre."

-February 7, 2017 by Jacob DeCoursey
of Shockwave Magazine.

"If you haven't figured it out already, I love this album. Everyone involved in the making this record should be extremely proud, as it cements Sharptooth on the list of bands to look out for. If you don't see them touring alongside Stick to Your Guns or Every Time I Die in the near future, something has gone terribly wrong."

-February 7, 2017 by Tom Kelly
of Elemental fm

"Sharptooth from Baltimore, Maryland have proven from a personal aspect, musical aspect, and an informative aspect, they are members to trust. Lauren, Lance, Keith, and Phil are people who are forthright in the fight for equality on all spectrums. The four of them show zero signs of wiping the blood off their snarling mouths with “Clever Girl” and I hope others will eventually be blood stained alongside them."

-February 21st, 2017 by Oli Pleydle
of Babetalk Publication

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