Anthony Saturno

Anthony Saturno is a singer/songwiter/guitarist from Syracuse, New York. He started solely as a lead guitar player for bands such as The Jess Novak Band, Wagner 3000, All Poets and Heroes, Sampere, and has had many guest appearances on a wide range of bills playing various styles of music. Currently he fronts the grooving power trio, Atkins Riot. Saturno is now looking to expand his horizons by forging a diverse cover/original setlist covering classics from Hendrix and Tom Petty and modern rock covers from The Black Keys to Jack White, all while adding his own original tunes like Understand, Dirty Doves and plenty others into the mix. He doesn't stop with just singer/songwriter type songs, Anthony also writes and jams on ambient and melodic loops while creatively soloing over them with his guitar. With his extensive background knowledge of music and versatile style, Anthony Saturno brings a great vibe to his live set and keeps his audience intrigued with the sounds.



Blues, Rock

HAPPY HOUR 5:30-7p

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