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War Of Ages

"Supreme Chaos" is the sixth studio album for War of Ages and this newest album is their most potent yet. On "Supreme Chaos" the band steps into deconstruction territory, approaching the recording process with a structured plan of "writing metal songs, ripping them apart, and adding powerful new elements." Recorded with Josh Barber at Covenant Studios (Norma Jean, EISM) and mixed by Will Putney (Impending Doom, For Today), it would seem that "Supreme Chaos" got the royal treatment from some of the finest sound engineers in the business.
- Facedown Records

"Take War of Ages signature sound and add in the blissfully powerful guitar work of Hope for the Dying. What do you get? Apparently you get one of the best heavy albums of the year. Though they are always one of the strongest bands out there, Supreme Chaos brings an even more polished and spiritually uplifting set of songs to War of Ages' already impressive arsenal. This album is pure Spirit-filled, blood and sweat covered, anthemic battle music… and it is exactly what fans are hoping for..."

"Supreme Chaos is 10 tracks of ear crushing metal and I have a feeling this will be their biggest selling release yet. War of Ages really stepped their game up on this album and set the bar high for everybody else. We put Supreme Chaos in the top 5 albums released this year..."
-Pennsylvania Music News

Capsize play a unique blend of modern hardcore with powerful drumming, killing riffage and suffering vocals on melodic lines. Departing from the previous album "Set Sail" sound, the californian five piece gives a more mature touch to the songwriting, that shows the band's potential at its finest. "Live A Burden, Die A Curse" is the band latest effort, three tracks of passionate and abrasive hardcore straight from/to the heart, ready to bring some freshness into the scene. Don't sleep on this while waiting for the full length.

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Hailing from the small overlooked town of Muscatine, IA, HeavyWeight started out as just a means for 5 guys to play music while holding down the basic adult juggling act of family and work. With musical backgrounds ranging from doom style rock/ metal to the fast paced hardcore style, HeavyWeight molds all these sounds into one solid monster wall of sound.

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