Sunset Rollercoaster

Sunset Rollercoaster

Sunset Rollercoaster is a 6-piece alternative rock band from Taiwan, including members: Tseng Kuo Hung(vocal / guitar), Chen Hung Li (bass), Lo Tsun Lung(drum), Wang Shao Hsuan (keyboard), Huang Shih Wei (drum pads / percussion), Huang HaoTing (Saxophone). The band’s musical style fuses multiple genres, from soul to garage to psychedelic tock to synth-pop. It is considered a city-pop icon in Asia.

In efforts to tranquilize the primordial, chimeric entity that permeates throughout & beyond the physical realm of existence, Deep Fields creates sonic disruptions communicating reverence to that omnipotent oversoul. From deep within Orange County's musical pool, they have uncovered hermetic channels through which to engage and comprehend the spiritual chimera and fulfill its psychedelic, non-Euclidean desires.

$30.00 - $50.00

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