Simon XO, Rees Finley, Rosie Tucker

Simon XO is a 22-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who combines explorative synths, tape loops, electric guitars, sampled drums and an aggressive vocal to create his own version of electro-pop. Originally from San Diego, Simon XO started playing trombone at a young age and by thirteen he was blasting it along to Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and Wilco albums. Realizing the dichotomy between his trombone playing and his desire to be a mainstream artist, Simon XO enrolled in USC’s Thornton School of Music to hone his craft.

After years of playing in various bands, Simon XO is ready for his first solo release, a double single, “Waiting for Me to Break” / “How Do I Fight It.” His affinity for combining lavish sounds with folk-style lyrics coupled with in-your-face drums and forceful synths, is sure to get fans on their feet. Slated to drop in mid-2018, his EP, Covering, features productions that bend over backwards to reinforce themes of doubt, loved ones, and facing intrapersonal fears in a world that makes it so easy to run away from them.

Rees Finley


Rosie Tucker

“rosie's the best, dude. like hands down the best. for some people it's like, a herculean effort to put intelligible words over music that doesn't sound absolutely insane. but rosie just is like, ‘hey, here's this song i wrote in 20 minutes’ and then she plays you the coolest, catchiest, most clever song you'll hear all year. damn, rosie. how do we get to be like you, rosie? she's also very nice which is a quality that i hear a lot of people enjoy. indie rock with music for the heart and lyrics for the brain” - WOLFY



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