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Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Christian Bauhofer moved to Santa Cruz, CA at the young age of 18. Having just moved from the state, Christian's newfound friends nicknamed him Minnesota, and unknowingly created his party crushing alter ego. A guitarist from the age of 12, Minnesota made attempts at forming bands until he attended Symbiosis Gathering for the first time in 2009. There he was drawn to the emerging Electronic Dance Music culture and all of a sudden knew what career path he wanted to pursue. Shortly after Symbiosis, Minnesota bought Ableton Live and his first midi controller, and within a few months was making hip-hop remixes that his friends couldn't stop playing. Around the same time, Minnesota teamed up with a couple friends and started a production company called Vital SC (now Vital Events), but despite a string of successful shows with big name artists, Minnesota decided to split off from the promoting side of the industry in pursuit of his musical career. Now as Minnesota reflects back on his decision, he couldn't be happier.

Many people try to fit Minnesota in one of the various subgenres of EDM, however, his music is so unique that it really can only be described as BASS music. Early on in his career Minnesota stated, "My goal is to make bass heavy Dubstep/Glitch-Hop music that'll get you dancing, but it is not the same old three note transformer step," and, "I try to focus more on the melodic side of Dubstep, and hopefully, make quality songwriting a more relevant factor in the genre." Since these statements Minnesota has followed through on his word and created smooth, melodic, uplifting sounds that have been celebrated by fans nationwide, and have been lauded by the likes of Bassnectar, Adventure Club, Big Gigantic, Paper Diamond and more. "Quickly becoming a staple in my sets," commented Bassnectar when discussing the use of Minnesota's track "Push It". "Perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hyped."

Now in his third year of touring, Minnesota has played nearly every major festival nationwide, played alongside STS9, Big Gigantic, MiMOSA, Zion I and Paper Diamond, and completed his first headlining tour (with support from Protohype & DCarls) this last Spring that hit over 35 cities. Now with 2014 approaching, he plans on dedicating a considerable amount of studio time in order to perfect his sound, something that he feels is of upmost importance in order for him to continue touring.

Minnesota's first EP, Panda Snatching Tycoon, was released on Tycho Records in January 2011 and found nationwide critical acclaim. His next official release came out on Mal Label and was titled, Ancient Machines. Ancient Machines was number nine on the addictech.com best seller's list for the year, and every track from the album charted on the Beatport.com Glitch-Hop During this time, Minnesota also managed to put out a free EP with MartyParty called, Ultraviolet Halo, that was released in July 2011. After that he released his fourth EP titled, Astral Projection, and showcased his affinity for downtempo melodic ethereal sounds. This EP greatly diversified his fan-base with hits like "Stardust," and "Relax." He titled his following EP, Altered States, and describes it as, "Big room, melodic bangers," with some "Faster tempo hip hop influenced stuff on it." This has since been his most popular EP, with multiple tracks being played by numerous DJs across the states.

Minnesota's goal seems simple: to release diverse productions that can win over any crowd. The support of his management team, agency, and some of the world's greatest artists can only attribute to his hunger for more time spent on the road and in the studio. To those that haven't had the opportunity to see Minnesota perform, make sure to be on the lookout for the next time he rolls into your city. To put it lightly, Minnesota is a name to watch.

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