Beyond The Sun

Canadian bred band Beyond the Sun smashes into 2018 with their latest release STOP, an in-your-face pop track that tackles an experience that is familiar for those struggling with reality verses virtual friendships. “STOP" is a musical wake up call to all the fake people in your life,” says lead vocalist Colin Radu. “We were at this point in our lives that, for whatever reason, we were reconnecting with people we have nothing in common with anymore and forcing friendships. Just because you're still ‘connected’ on Facebook or Instagram doesn't mean you care about each other anymore.”

Following the success of one-word hits like Ed Sheeran’s Don’t and Maroon 5’s Wait, STOP is sure to parlay the international success of this trio of brothers who, despite their young age, have already clocked more than a decade of performances together. The genesis of their genre erasing sound can be traced back to their childhood staging shows with plastic guitars for their parents at the ages of 6, 8 and 11. Little did they know at the time that just over a decade later they would be hearing themselves on Sirius XM radio and performing for a 7,000 person sold-out crowd at Puerto Rico’s Wild Summer Festival.

Made up of three tight-knit brothers, the group of singer Colin, guitarist Phil and drummer Dalton Radu grew up just outside Toronto, Ontario. With traces of their influences like Ed Sheeran and Bleachers threaded into each one of their songs, their audience appeal reaches far beyond one specific genre. Think danceable pop beats meet small-town songwriting. Coldplay meets Florida Georgia Line or LANY mixed with Ryan Follese. Couple their music with room-filling rock attitudes and an on-stage chemistry that comes only from growing up under the same roof, and you get Beyond the Sun.

“We grew up in the era of the iPod where on any given day you could find me listening to One Republic sandwiched between Billy Currington and The 1975,” says Dalton, the middle brother. And that’s exactly how the group likes to think of their sound - Shuffle; a progressive mélange that includes traceable elements of pop, EDM, alternative and country.

However, it took years of work and collaboration for the group to get to where they are sonically. It started with AC/DC songs at battle of the bands competitions in elementary school, which earned them the title of the youngest band to ever play Canadian Music Week. Then came the teenage years, which consisted of touring Canada in their grandpa’s truck and lots of growth. “Both physically and musically,” they laugh.

Phil honed his songwriting craft and was accepted to his dream school, Berklee College of Music in Boston, while Dalton became the group’s production expert and Colin emerged as the lead vocalist. Lyrics emailed back and forthand countless days in the studio when Phil was home forholidays led to the group’s debut projects, two EPs: My Kind of Crazy and Little Kingdom. Their debut single and music video, “My Kind of Crazy,” garnered over 150,000 views on YouTube, reached no. 12 on Sirius XM’s 20 on 20and even cracked the top 100 on the Media Base chart in 2013. Next, the band embarked on an international tourwhich included stops at Hard Rock Cafés all over the U.S., the Air Canada Center and a sold out show at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. Halting only for a brief period to build more material for projects. Beyond the Sun has emerged as a “must watch” act on the world music scene even garnering profiles on Ryan Seacrest’s AXS network and multiple appearances on the nationally syndicated Cumulus morning show Ty, Kelly & Chuck. STOP what you are doing and check out the latest releases on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. and follow their burgeoning social media profiles.



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