all grrl punk/metal band rawkn tulsa for over 14 years...

OLDMAN is a hard hitting group that thoroughly enjoy their time together, on and off stage. Always bringing 110% weather it be in a rehearsal spot or onstage, since their formation in early 2013, but onstage is where this group REALLY shines!! Drawing inspiration from all genres of music from metal to country and everything in between, the members of OLDMAN have been playing on stages for over 12 years!! Keep your eye out and your ears open because OLDMAN is coming!!!

Machine In The Mountain

Expansion. Evolution. Metal.

Billy Joe Winghead

An artless mix of Fender twang, Gibson crunch and theremin wail, BJW is determined not to rest until every punk club, bowling alley and lowbrow festival on the map has either asked them to headline or never to return.



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