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Ben Is Dead

Ben Is Dead Magazine was a sort of anti-culture phenomenomena that occurred Los Angeles circa late 80s to 90s thanks to a rambunctious collaborative crew of insolent kiddles with a decent IQ and/or a torqued sense of vision. It went well beyond being a punk/noise/alterna music mag, as we focused (via words, art, photos, design, events...), on any lil topic that itched and picked at it incessantly.


American industrial/metal/rock band from Austin, Texas.

Current line-up:
Phil Owen: vocals
Chris Gates: guitar
Myke Bingham: guitar
Chris Ahrens: bass
Bradley Bills: drums

Original line-up:
Phil Owen: vocals
Billy Jackson: guitar
Chris Chambers: guitar
Lance Von Moulder: bass
Keith Daily: drums.

Savage Republic

Hailing from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic forged an astonishing reputation for themselves with their legendary performances. Their brand of ritualistically tribal exhibitions blurred the boundaries of Post-Punk and Industrial music. Their music incorporates minimalist bass rumbles, exotic and/or militaristic drumming, Arabic melodies, primal chants and even a bit of surf guitar.

Members through the years :
Bruce Licher : guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
Ethan Port : guitars, percussion, metal horn, voice
Greg Grunke : guitar, bass, dulcimer, vocals
Jackson Del Rey : vocals, guitar & percussion
Jeff Long : vocals, bass & guitar
Mark Erskine : drums, percussion, bongos, vocals
Robert Loveless : keyboards, bass, mandolin, percussion
Thom Fuhrmann : bass, trombone, keyboards, vocals

Midget Handjob

Los Angeles is a freak magnet and lately there has been a strange sound, even by Hollywood standards; emanating from seedier clubs and galleries on the east side. The clang of pots and pans, pounding water jugs, blasting saxophones and an eerie western slide fill the night air. In the middle of this cyclone of noise sits a strange little man perched on top of a broken TV set reading from a scroll of papers like a post-apocalyptic Moses in dread locks. The guilty party calls themselves Midget Handjob, a name whose pronunciation is almost as foul as the images it conjures up.

Over twenty years ago, in a pre-Ritalin world, Keith Morris bounced off the walls and floors as the front man for Black Flag and then the Circle Jerks. Keith cannot only recite the oral history of punk rock; he can show you the scars it has left. Plagued by illness and the usual music-buzz horror stories, Keith was forced to back down from the frantic pace of a punk rock warlord and reflect. “I wanted to continue playing music, but didn’t have the energy to punk rock. So I decided to take the easy way out.” Older and wiser, he started to assemble the players that would become Midget Handjob. He didn’t have to look far to find the best collection of overlooked musicians in the city to add the musical accoutrement to Morris’s spoken word blitz. Jon and Chris from Clawhammer, Quasar from Lutefisk, Kevin Fitzgerald of the Geraldine Fibbers, Tony Malone from Detox and John LeBear from France! These are the true musical genius of our time, the ones who live in the dingy apartments working shit jobs so they can play good music in good bands that never see a dime. “I wonder why they are doing this, what motivates them to take a trip in a burning car.”

“There really is no idea or concept behind Midget Handjob,” Morris reflects. “It’s larger than a band, it’s more of a lifestyle or a fashion statement.” When it came time to record Midnight Snack Break At the Poodle Factory, the guys headed for a landscape as strange as the album they were making, the high desert of Southern California. After the first night in the studio at Rancho De La Luna, the band was tossed from their beds and onto the desert floor by 7.1 tumbler epicentered only 15 miles away. With all communication to the outside world knocked out of commission by the earthquake, the band and producer Tom Grimley bravely soldiered on. “The levels of intensity and achievements acquired thereof were not unlike those of Desert Storm,” remembers reedster Jon Wahl. After 5 days of sandy exploration in the high desert, the band retreated back to the American Hotel in Los Angeles to mix the album. A twist of a knob and flip of a switch, it wasn’t long before the album was completed.

Fifteen years from now you might come across a copy of Midnight Snack Break At The Poodle Factory in some ultra hip friends record collection. It might make you say, “Wow, this is some really amazing stuff, how in the hell did something this cool ever get released.” Midget Handjob is one of the rarest of musical anomalies. Spoons and forks sloshing around together in a pot keeping perfect time creating eleven mind blowing and bone chilling tunes. “We’re hoping that the younger people that listen to all this different type of music are open enough to listen to what we have to say, and if not they can go home to their badminton or croquet.”


POPDeFECT was a three-piece pop rock outfit that formed in Seattle in 1980. Guitarist/vocalist Al Anderson and drummer Nick Scott first played together with Tom Price (U-Men, Gas Huffer, Kings Of Rock) in a band called Psychopop. After Tom left to form the U-Men, Charlie Hutchinson moved in on bass, and POPDeFECT was born. Shortly thereafter the trio moved to Los Angeles when Anderson left to attend school and the two remaining members left to join him.

Their early years in L.A. were overshadowed by the high-profile punk movement of the time, so they decided to tackle other parts of the country. With virtually no advance bookings, they embarked on their first tour — getting gigs as they went. By the time it was over, they'd played over 30 clubs and made valuable contacts that allowed them to continue to tour incessantly throughout their career (this DIY-style of hitting the road was chronicled in the Brad Vanderburg film "Live With This"). Their touring tactics were successful, and by the late '80s they were an L.A. club and scene staple, where they relentlessly played their favorite musical venue, the notorious Al's Bar.

Fans enjoyed nearly 20 years of quirky pop songs, crazy antics and humor-filled performances, but it all ended with a final show back in Seattle, Washington at The Breakroom in November of 2001. Since then, Al has been working in the software industry and raising his son with wife Jill. Nick went on to play with Project K. (with Greg K. of the Paper Tulips and Io Perry), The Shards (with Adam Brisben and Justin of W.A.C.O. and Foster of Extra Fancy and Glue), and with Buko Pan Guerra in the Bollywood Disco Punk two-piece The Swords Of Fatima. Charlie headed home to Seattle where he tends bar, is married, had a kid and formed the band Milkmaid's Crawl.


Based out of Los Angeles California, Hepa/Titus is Paul Christensen, Sterling Riley and Kevin Rutmanis.


11:11 (ex-Fluorescein)


Poppy Jean Crawford

Drive to it. Cry to it. Get high to it. Screw to it…Then repeat.
Poppy Jean Crawford.
Fronted and formed by 19 year old Poppy Jean. It comes in many forms, with a revolving band.
The lineup is currently a trio backed by dark vixen Marlena Schwenck and a Mysterious Coyote man.
Schwencks Atmospheric Pedal driven take on a Classical Instrument ( Stand-up bass)
Crawford’s devilish rhythm guitar / Powerful Vocals, and Coyotes primal drums… Creates a nostalgic yet Modern sound.
This could be described simply as Art Rock.

Pussy Cow

Pu$$y-Cow began with the introduction of the Walsh family—Joe Dana, Chissum Worthington, Kevin Jones and Jon Rygiewicz—who had recently moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, California as a result of Chissum's job promotion. In the first episode, Jon, Kevin and Joe began attending West Beverly Hills High School, where they were eventually introduced to several friends who composed the remainder of the cast: Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Andrea Zuckerman, Dylan McKay, David Silver, Scott Scanlon, and Donna Martin. The band followed the dramatic lives of its characters through high school, college, and ultimately the adult world, while introducing several additional characters as its seasons progressed.


Doo Doo Doo Doot Doo!

Glen Meadmore and the Kuntry Band

Meadmore is a Canadian Cowpunk musician, actor and performance artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

John Trubee

Controversial American writer/musician active since the late 70s. Along with his backup band Ugly Janitors Of America he recorded a number of albums full of prank phone calls, poetry and noisy improvisation pieces. He's best known for song-poem called "A Blind Man's Penis" which was featured on many compilations and made him a minor celebrity.

Leyna M. Papach (ex-Geraldine Fibbers)


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