Native Sun

Native Sun

Native Sun is a four-piece rock n roll band from Brooklyn. Loud
and urgent, their music breeds a beautiful chaos evocative of
each member's experiences. Frontman Danny Gomez first met
lead guitarist Jake Pflum while growing up in Florida. After years
without contact they reconnected by chance on a random evening in the city, rekindling their friendship over their mutual obsession for The Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground. They
immediately forced their best friend Alexis Castro to play drums.
Bassist Mo Martinez uprooted to the city from Monterrey, Mexico. In hopes of playing music he reached out to Danny through mutual friends and naturally completed the band's lineup.
Native Sun has played at venues like Rough Trade and Baby's All
Right with bands like Dream Wife, QTY and The Nude Party.
They will be releasing their second EP, & Always Different, Always the Same; this summer as a followup to their debut:Songs Born From Love and Hate.

Easy Sleeper

Emerging out of the D.C. DIY music scene, Easy Sleeper is a new act drawn together. David Poznansky (King Leisure), Douglas Guttenberger (ex-Dry Country), & Alexander Charles Lubeck (Terrakann) seek to fuse harmony and raw energy in a way that makes ultimate sense while still posing a challenge to the very musical backgrounds on which they call upon. This show marks their collective debut on the Songbyrd stage, come out early to be a part of it.


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