When Driftwood released its first full-length album, Rally Day, recorded in their hometown of Binghamton, a unique sound transpired that reflected not only the working-class ethos of an upstate New York town, but a coalescing of identity, influence, and uninhibited musical spirit.

“It’s sometimes tough to keep any sort of focus on style or sound when you have three different songwriters,” guitarist Dan Forsyth conceded. Longtime friend and banjoist Joe Kollar offers, “I consider our sound to be more of an attitude and an approach – the result of all of our influences in a completely open musical forum where the only stipulation is to create it from the heart.” “Really Driftwood is a song based group,” fiddler Claire Byrne added incisively.

And even though they come from different directions, the three founding members – along with bassist Joey Arcuri – tend to end up at the same place.

That unity, as well as the joy derived from playing together, can be heard throughout City Lights. It takes them on a familiar road and serendipitous evolution, replete with folk, old-time, country, punk, and rock, depending on their personal moods and their songs’ needs.

The Naked Sun

The Naked Sun, a 6-piece roots-rock band from Philadelphia, PA, enters a new year with the band's most moody sonic palette to date. Continuing in the spirit of their self-branded style of "honest-rock" the band will release their latest LP, Avec la Verite', Vous Avez le Droit d'Aimer (With the Truth you Have the Right to Love) - in Fall 2019. Throughout, they explore love’s darker side - the betrayals, the heartbreaks, and how many of us are left to cope with the aftermath. Songwriter Andrew Wesley Harris was inspired to write the songs after witnessing the relationships of some of his closest friends suffer the effects of the secrets people attempt to keep from one another. The first single, "Frozen Sand," introduces a character whose actions put him in a purgatorial existence and sees him wishing the sands of time would freeze. The LP is an authentic examination of romance and--as the title suggests--honesty in the age of lies.

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