The Penniless Wild, The Old Royals, RØY

The Penniless Wild

The Penniless Wild is an alternative rock band with subtle folk influences based out of Hartford Connecticut. Their debut EP Cardboard Sheets is out now.

The Old Royals

The Old Royals are a rock and roll band. They write their songs with quiet little acoustics, then play them loudly with distorted electrics and hearty drums. Everyone in the band partakes in their own musical musings and brings them all together like a spicy pot of jambalaya. They enjoy the glories (and despair) of recording all of their own music, but its worth it because they do what we want. All band members are down for delicious beer, good honest music, and raging basement jam sessions. Old Royals look forward to raging every venue like its their very own basement. With one EP down, their full-length album will be released for the coming new year. Old Royals don't know much, but they know they love you.


Contradictions have always been a part of Indie singer-songwriter Roy Halim’s journey. A first-generation American son of Muslim Albanian immigrants, Roy should feel like the quintessential outsider. Instead, he focuses on creating a sense of community, providing inspiration and connectedness for his listeners. With a bold and raw, yet soft and polished sound, mixing bravado with subtle restraint, his head actually sings with his heart. Think of Chester Bennington and Morrissey, and add a contradictory hint of Ed Sheeran - Roy’s that unique.

$7.00 - $10.00


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