Eternal Temples

Eternal Temples

Eternal Temples (The E.T.s) are a Colorado based band with a passion for music, love and life. The E.T.s have won multiple awards including 2016 Best Original Band/Artist in CO Springs. They were also awarded the Akademia Award for Best Album for their release "Ready For Harvest". Members include singer/songwriter and guitarist Jordan White// bass player-Alex Buxton drummer-Andrew Ludwig, Keyboard player Garrett Buxton and congas percussion and harmonica- Teri Senior. Bringing a unique style of their own mixing 60's and 70's style Rock with a futuristic psychedelic wave. Every show is a different adventure always leaving the audience with a smile. With musical backgrounds of reggae, rock, funk, blues, hip hop and classical The E.T.s are sure to make for a night full of boogying down. The band has recorded two full length albums-the 2014 release "Still Growing" and the 2015 award winning release "Ready For Harvest".


the desert & outerspace

Taylor Maxwell & the Changing Tide

Taylor Maxwell makes music designed to connect to us all through relatable lyricism and sincere songs that echo the passions of a genuine songwriter. Keeping his sound honest and as real as possible, Taylor displays his truest perspectives & boldest emotions through the imagination, creativity and expression in his music.

The Humbuckers

One of Denver’s most exciting live bands, The Humbuckers never fails to get people up and dancing. With more than 25 shows under their belt at Herman’s Hideaway, The Humbuckers are road-tested Rock & Rollers with a high-octane set list and a V-8 delivery.

“They sound like the mix on my iPod” is a frequent comment you hear after seeing a Humbuckers show. They seamlessly roll songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s into each other to create a tapestry of sound.

Founded in 2003 by guitarist Chuck Montera, their lineup includes Pamela Crawford on vocals, Classically trained Glenn Martin on bass, multi-instrumentalist Leslie Draper Roy on sax, flute and guitar and drummer Rick "Boom Boom" Samuels. Their originals are influenced by Punk and Grunge of the 80s/90s.

So next time you’re in Denver, stop by Herman’s Hideaway on south Broadway. You may be lucky enough to catch a Humbuckers show and maybe even share a beer or three with the band.

$4.00 - $8.00


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