Egg Drop Soup, Youth on Soda, Nadu, Pussy Tuesday

Egg Drop Soup

Not your mom’s egg drop soup. Garbage-punk trio from Los Angeles.

Queer Noise trio Youth On Soda is an experimental nexus of realities birthed from the bowels of artsy Echo Park, Los Angeles. Dancing around the experimental by combining seething noise & punk themes that are channeled to the listener with ambiguous lyrical jest, queer attitude, and eye popping visuals and explosive energy.

Nadu is a man and a band - the brash DIY lo-fi surf-influenced project of Los Angeles-based garage punk rocker, Nader Islam. Originally a native of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nader immigrated to Texas as a kid, and served time in corporate jobs before quitting cold turkey to pursue music. Nader is the singer/bassist/drummer/guitarist on record, and live he is joined by Julian Medina (drums) and Kenny Esparza (bass).

Nadu came together just after Nader moved to Los Angeles and started recording bedroom sessions. These sessions made up the debut EP 'Determinator' which was released in February 2017. A full length followup 'Determinator II' is set to be out in October 2018.

Pussy Tuesday

Pussy Tuesday are a three piece, femme, queer, punk band lead by a bearded drag queen. With messages of coming out, loving yourself, and drinking beer, these three women oppose homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, and musical proficiency in all their forms.



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