Space Eraser

Space Eraser

Hailing from the DMV, Space Eraser is a band of musicians that, as fate would have it, hatched in the Spring of 2017. Combining the soulful vocal stylings of Jules Barringer (Watermelon, The Heavy Watts, Joppa); the multi-faceted guitar playing of Joel Dahan (Petrock Union, Rich Mahogany, Wild Eyes); the groove defining bass licks of Alex Ioannidis (Loons, Wild Eyes); and the rock solid drumming of David Karr (Watermelon, The Heavy Watts, Joppa), these multi-talented individuals have joined forces to create something that has the power to make you move while melting your face.

Like a nestling chick waiting to take flight, Space Eraser has been creating new music together for over a year. Now, with wings wide open, Space Eraser is ready to soar the musical skies. Just one question remains, will you join the journey?

$10.00 - $15.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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