Alicia Toner

East Coast singer/songwriter, Alicia Toner, is making waves with the release of her debut, full-length album “ I Learned The Hard Way”. It’s a deft blend of roots, country rock and Canadiana. What elevates it above all the definitions is Toner’s soaring, incredibly moving and emotive voice. Her theatrical training and ability to project such a dynamic range of feelings through her voice is resplendent on I Learned The Hard Way. And it was this chance to be so honest and emotionally unfettered that allowed for such power in both her writing and her singing on the album.

Growing up in New Brunswick, Toner was surrounded by music, and was classically trained on the violin, including a number of years spent with the prestigious New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, where she had a chance to play Carnegie Hall. She continued her theatre studies in Toronto and soon became cast in musical stage shows, including shows produced by Mirvish Productions and Soulpepper Theatre. For the past six seasons, she has been an integral part of the repertory cast at the Charlottetown Festival.

I Learned The Hard Way, is a pretty apt description of the tone of the album and sorts of material Toner deals with, especially in her self-penned compositions. While it is not a break-up album, it is an album about relationships – the good, the bad and the ugly. “It’s about going through all the hard stuff, learning lessons, making mistakes, and trying to figure things out as best you can. That’s life. That’s reality,” Toner said.



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