Mayhemingways are an eclectic and full-sounding duo from the musical hotbed of Peterborough, Ontario. Their music drifts timelessly between traditional music and something brand new. The band has been described as folk-rock with Cajun, bluegrass, and Celtic influences.
Lead singer Benj Rowland switches between accordion, banjo, guitar, and tenor guitar while holding down the bass with foot pedals. Josh Fewings plays drums, percussion and adds back-up vocals.
Mayhemingways have toured Canada relentlessly since forming in 2013. Coast to coast tours have become common place for the group, making new friends and fans across the nation with each tour. The duo will tour almost every province and territory in 2016.
Their first full-length album will be released early in 2016 and was produced and engineered in Nanton, AB by Steve Loree (Ian Tyson, Corb Lund, Petunia). The album is a follow up to their first EP (2013) engineered by James McKenty (Blue Rodeo, Cuff the Duke, The Weber Brothers).

Scott MacKay

"Oh I'll forgive her on the day the Devil gets on his knees to pray…"

With one dark, cold and chilling opening line, so begins the video that introduces the unfamiliar to the simple, elegant music of Scott MacKay. Even when pared down to banjo, guitar and a few vocals, MacKay's country-ish songs are standouts, riddled with one-liners that catch the sun like a freshly polished cleaver. Born in P.E.I. but now living in Calgary, MacKay has made a name for himself playing house concerts, sold out clubs and festivals all over Canada. MacKay's album "Twin" (produced by Leeroy Stagger) features fiddle, banjo and the haunting harmonies of Scott's twin brother, Ben.

"Today I can't deliver because my hearse keeps breaking down. I can't get the departed to the other side of town. Something's clearly wrong with this old Cadillac and I think it's all because the preacher's lying in the back…"

Aaron Comeau

Toronto-based musician & producer. Debut 5-record box set out July 12, 2016. Owner & head engineer of the Trailer.



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