Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers, DAMEHT, Matt Rose

Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers

Sherif Serag is a singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles, CA preparing to release his debut EP, “Look How Far We’ve Come”. It’s a genre defying album that touches upon garage punk, pop rock, and acoustic ballads without losing his signature lyrical style. Sherif’s influences are deeply rooted in the great folk-rock troubadour’s of the last fifty years, but he blends that with timeless music that never sounds dated. His unique voice beautifully paints images through personal, heart-felt lyrics. Sherif spent the last year honing in on his sound with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Omer Avni at RiotVan Productions.

Within DAMEHT​ are three musicians, Rivington Starchild, Lucas Garzoli, and Roman Lewis​ from New
York City now residing in a secret base hidden in Los Angeles. DAMEHT left NYC after successful, long term
residency at the iconic, Lower East Side venue 'The Pyramid Club', with a larger sound in mind than what themselves
and associated acts had in their repertoire. DAMEHT made their way to LA where unknown and with no expectations
but their own, they would focus on writing and record away from the traps of acceptability and comfort. To extract the
essence and arrange the chaos of what made NYC culture so appealing was their drive, to bring out its universality
was their goal. In Los Angeles, the band has built out an infrastructure for themselves as well as other local and
touring acts to perform in. The secret venue is a curious loft called "The Factory", reminiscent of the seminal British
label "Factory Records".

Matt Rose is a Hip Hop artist dabbling in almost every form of media he can get his hands on. With no place to call his "hometown", he has traveled the US performing, finally hanging his hat in Los Angeles. His debut EP, Fool's Gold, was recently released.



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