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Brooke Alexx

Show-stopping, head-turning, powerhouse pop singer, Brooke Alexx, is no stranger to the stage. Fostered by a childhood career in musical theater, Brooke's voice is comparable in strength and range to Alicia Keys, JoJo, and Demi Lovato, but features distinct rich, velvety undertones. A New Jersey native who recently made the big move to Nashville, TN, Brooke is writing radio-ready earworms and diving head-first into the R&B-infused synth-pop sound she was always destined to have.

Performing acoustically and with her all-female band, Brooke has been showing off with her fierce vocals and catchy hooks at established local venues such as Exit/In, Bluebird Cafe, The Local, and The 5 Spot. Additionally, she was one of 4 finalists in the Nashville Rising Star songwriting competition. Bridging hard work and natural-born talent, Brooke is on a mission to make her name known in Music City's bubbling pop scene.

Clinton John

Clinton John is a pop kid. Torn from the same cloth as Scandinavia’s clean-cut heavy hitters, his lyrics and melodies fall on syncopated rhythms creating tension and movement as he sketches the details of his love life onto pop soundscapes. With fresh production and high-rise tenor vocals, he builds musical beds worth laying in. For Clinton John, visual and musical sensibilities are synthesized into one cohesive project. After making a solo move to Nashville at 18, he quickly formed a collective of photographers and stylists who have helped breathe life into his artistic vision. Working in tandem, they have produced muted, millennial visuals with the brash, fashionista-isms of 90’s pop culture heroes. 2018 will prove to be a big year for the emerging artist who plans on releasing multiple singles that chronicle the stratospheric highs, the catatonic lows, and the puzzling ambiguities of his first love. His debut single, “Let’s Not Be Kids,” gives us a portrait of the artist as he throws up his hands to the childish tendencies of his first relationship. It’s the kind of pain we’ve all been through transformed into music worth crying to and worth dancing to at the same time.

They say every dream starts with a dreamer, and Juliana Hale is nothing short of that. The second that Hale takes the stage, fans can see her passion for music shine through.

From the first time she held a guitar, Juliana Hale knew she had an all-consuming love for making music. At the age of eight, she was singing, writing and playing for anyone who would listen. Growing up, Juliana Hale spent her time performing in local talent shows and community events before her family decided to move her dream from California to Nashville, where her musical journey took flight.

In 2013, the Nashville-based recording artist released her first EP, Dance in the Rain. Hale was excited to see her songs come to life and share them with the world until she hit an unexpected roadblock. Hale started experiencing a chronic intestinal disorder that would control her life for the next two years, leaving her feeling sick and isolated from her peers. These health issues not only affected Hale’s social life but also her music. Her dreams were put on hold as she sought answers and treatment options. During this time, Hale spent countless hours with vocal coaches, reclaiming her voice and working to find her sound and heal her instrument.

“When I look back on this time where I was struggling, I can see God’s hand and realize there was a blessing waiting for me, I just had to be patient enough to find it. During my sickness, I had plenty of time to write music. I wrote over 250 songs during those two years. I played my guitar until my fingers bled and the callouses thickened. I became a much more skilled musician and I knew that I was going to beat whatever this ‘thing’ was that was stealing my health and dreams. I was determined to get out there and share my music with the world,” says Hale.

Hale’s sickness eventually ended in surgery, getting her health back on track. Her life was no longer consumed by sickness and she was ready to continue pursuing her dreams. In October of 2016, Hale got back into the studio to record her next EP, appropriately titled, TIME.

Today, Hale is feeling better than ever and is pursuing music full-time. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist, playing not only guitar, but also piano, ukulele, bass and flute. As a songwriter, Hale has over 1,000 songs in her repertoire.

In early February, she had the opportunity to perform at the Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre-party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, performing alongside Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus, and DJ Automatic.

In January 2018, Hale released a new single, “Overrated” (Listen Here), produced by Grammy Award-winner, Skidd Mills as well as Independent Music Award winner Billy Dawson. The single juxtapositions the vocal prowess of Hale’s uniquely deep alto amongst a backdrop of poignant lyrics and an upbeat musicality. Co-written with Noah Henson (producer of Kane Brown’s debut EP, Closer / Christian rock band Pillar), the danceable song is actually based upon the petite singer’s own heartbreaking personal experience. “Overrated” is the first of four tracks to be released off Hale’s forthcoming EP, Small Talk.


When Stephen Day performs he exudes an ethos that captivates the audience to another level. The twenty-one year old Georgia native is clearly the middle ground product of his contemporary influences. His crooning vocals matched with his eccentric stage presence bring you to a place where you’ll find the perfect combination of John Mayer and Allen Stone come to life. In 2014 Day moved to Nashville, TN to pursue higher education at Belmont University. He took his first two years of college to create and record his debut EP Undergrad Romance and The Moses in Me. Each of the six meticulously crafted works were written by Day in entirety. When the EP was officially released in April of 2016 it quickly gained popularity and “If You Were the Rain” found its place on the Spotify US Viral Chart. The song peaked at number two and has since racked up more than 1 MILLION streams on Spotify. With a growing fan base and a heavy independent touring schedule it’s only the beginning of the world knowing a new Day.





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