Harry Katz & The Pistachios, The Herms, Storey and the Tellers, & Dario w/Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin

Harry Katz & The Pistachios

Harry Katz first wrote songs on a hitch hiking trip from New York to California in the early oughts. He had dropped out of his previous life to be a poet and live off the kindness of others. This created a style influenced by New Orleans, endless pavement, and sleepless nights. A sensible sense of humor, dark as his coffee, light as his smile. The music captures the blues, the danger, the charisma and the daring. Each song displays the exuberance of life, played over the strings of a relic-ed Stratocaster. Sincerity, playfulness, & honesty.It’s more than rock and roll, its a soundtrack to the adventure of life.

Having recently relocated from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, The Herms add true grit and originality to the sun-fried, post-punk scene of Southern California. The Herms bring a frenetic, schizophrenic charm to the lo-fi reemergence.

Storey and the Tellers

Founded in 2008, Storey and The Tellers is an LA based alternative rock band. Lead singer, lead guitarist and songwriter, Storey Sheinberg, was born and raised in West Hollywood in the heart of Los Angeles. The band typically plays as a trio, but is looking for more musicians to join the musical force. Storey’s biggest musical inspiration is Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Storey and The Tellers frequently plays live concerts and is quickly becoming a notable band in the local LA music scene.

Dario is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He brings that heart and spirit to his music, combining the rhythm of bands such as The Strokes and Arcade Fire, with the soul of songwriters such as Jim James and John Lennon. His sound however is unmistakably his own, and along with his band, brings a fresh, Southern California take on rock and roll.

Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin

Jeli Daniel Began this all Female LA Based Collective of Lady Selectors who Spin West Coast and Classic Sounds through 33s and 45s Curating the Sounds of A Music Revolution.


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